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Patch Notes[]


  • Reduced fade to black time to 0.3s to better hide enemy movement when playing with "mp_forcecamera 2".
  • Buy Time now lasts the entire Warmup period.
  • Fixed the Defuse Kit making a pickup sound that everyone could hear when walking over it.
  • In official competitive mode players now accumulate end of round money even if they are disconnected at the moment when end of round money is awarded to their teammates.
  • In official competitive mode players who disconnect from the game server while alive are treated as having committed suicide and don't receive end of round money for that round.


  • Mirage improvements based on pro feedback
    • Raised skybox ceiling around T spawn
    • Rebuilt red building in T spawn to give more room for grenade throws
    • Fixed a bug where Ts could see into Bombsite A without exposing themselves
    • Added collision on tall box near CT stairs to prevent players getting onto it
    • Fixed a bug where a player could get onto boxes near ladder room alone
    • Added wider cover in mid, T side
    • Made CT sniper window in mid taller
    • Removed gaps where players could see through scaffolding in Bombsite A
    • Fixed various spots where you could see through crates in Bombsite A
    • Made it possible to shoot through a crate in Bombsite A
    • Smoothed out movement inside Palace
    • Added wider windows in Bombsite B apartment
    • Fixed a bug where a player could stand on the wall outside B apartment
    • Removed dark door underneath Bombsite B apartment
    • Added pretty flowers
  • Nuke
    • Fixed invisible I-beam collision in hut/lobby
  • Inferno
    • Made railings on balcony near Bombsite A and CT spawn easier to see through


  • Fixed the overhead Freeze Time icons not updating frequently enough to catch certain equipment changes.
  • Fixed the Freeze/Invuln Time color correction being wrong if the Invuln Time was shorter than the Freeze Time length.
  • Fixed Achievement icons not appearing when it displayed Achievements earned in the previous round.
  • Fixed map selection button becoming inactive when Workshop maps are being updated.
  • Added Inventory error message when Steam cannot access your items.
  • Added item image to Delete Item confirmation.
  • Contracts
    • Fixed not auto-scrolling away from a blank item list.
    • Fixed being able to submit without signing.
    • Fixed signatures being offset from the mouse cursor.


  • Reduced duration of red player damage effect.
  • In GOTV the kill camera now orients so both the killer and victim are visible.
  • Fixed spectator navtext no longer wrapping.


  • Work in progress improvements to demoui & demoplayer:
    • Menus, Overview Map, Graphs, etc. now work when the demo is paused.
    • Improved seeking with less particle effect, sound, and HUD spew.
    • Demo Timescale slider now goes up to 10x.
    • Added buttons to directly set demo timescale to 1/4x, 1/2x, 1x, 2x, 4x speeds.
    • Fixed Stats Graph round columns not resetting correctly when rewinding a demo.
    • Removed demoui2.
  • Fixed color of weapon names not matching the actual rarity of the weapon.


  • Added server convar sv_matchend_drops_enabled for suppressing item drops at the end of tournament matches, play time is still accumulated by players and items will be awarded at the next opportunity.
  • Using the game_round_end to force a specific winner now consistently increments the round number (you must still use the game_score entity to set the appropriate team score).
  • Fixed a case where CT coaches would get locked into 3rd person.


  • Cached inventory icons are regenerated if Texture/Shader Detail is increased using the Options menu.


  • Updated the version of for Linux dedicated servers to require Glibc 2.11.
  • Linux dedicated servers now upload core dumps out-of-process and more reliably.

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