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Patch Notes[]


  • Improved grenade physics interaction with player models. Grenades bounce off player hitboxes instead of the overall player bounding volume.
  • Improved bomb-planting player animation to prevent unintentionally standing when the plant completes. (Thanks Friberg!).
  • Re-added support for alternate firing accuracy. This effectively buffs burst fire on the glock and the famas.



  • Added the WATCH menu
    • Watch live, in-progress matches played by highly-ranked CS:GO players
    • Access your match history and review the scoreboard for your previous matches
    • Download and watch any of your recent matches.
    • Select 'GOTV Theater' to watch a continuous stream of live matches.
  • Pausing/disabling of the GOTV autodirector has been reverted to the old behavior.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to see the other team's weapons in a competitive game via the spectator menu if you were the last person to die on your team.
  • Fixed a case where spectator weapon panel would be missing the weapon in GOTV and demos.
  • Fixed a case where the code version of the weapon name would show up in the freeze panel.
  • Fixed the Team Value numbers not switching properly after halftime in GOTV or demo playback.
  • The bomb icon is now colored in the spectator view so it's more visible.


  • Fixed "Bad sequence in GetSequenceName" viewmodel console warnings.

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