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Here are some tips on how to obtain achievements in Counter-Strike: Source. Each achievement can be earned by doing certain actions like defusing the C4 or killing an enemy player.

Achievements are not limited to playing on dedicated servers. They can still be earned by playing with bots in a locally hosted server which allow players to gain certain achievements much more easily (It even possible to "cheat" by restrict their weapon only with the Knife). However, Steam should always be set to "online mode" in order to get achievements, even when playing in your own server. Otherwise, you will not gain any achievements.

Note that achievements cannot be earned when sv_cheats is set to 1 nor when it is turned back to 0 after it was enabled; the server must restart to enable achievements again. However, participating in custom game scenarios, like "Gun Game", will not disable the ability to earn achievements thus it is possible to get some achievements, such as weapon kill achievements.

Bomb Defusal[]

Blast Will and Testament css Blast Will and Testament
Description: Win a round by picking up the bomb from a fallen comrade and successfully planting it.
Team: Terrorist
Difficulty: Easy
How to obtain: At the start of a round, follow a player that is armed with the C4. Once the bomb carrier is killed, go to a bombsite and plant it. It is necessary to ensure the detonation of the C4 in order to get it.
Boomala Boomala css Boomala Boomala
Description: Plant 100 bombs.
Team: Terrorist
Difficulty: Easy
How to obtain: Play as a Terrorist and plant the bomb if you have it. Be sure to stay alive. However, it is not necessary for the C4 to explode.
Clusterstruck css Clusterstruck
Description: Kill 5 players in a C4 blast.
Team: Terrorist
Difficulty: Medium (bots)/Very hard (Human players)
How to obtain: When playing with bots, try to find a good camping spot and arm yourself with the AWP or any semi-auto sniper rifle and set the bots' skill to easy. Plant the C4 on an area where the bots will have trouble to reach. You can also keep distracting the CTs to prevent the C4 from being defused. If done correctly, you may able to get this achievement. It is also possible to get this achievement along with the Cold War achievement, if you know which path the bots will take each round without killing any CTs. However you will need to play on your own to against a group of enemies when attempting to get both achievements.

Earning this achievement is rather hard when competing with other human players as most of the time, players are able to get out of the blast radius before the C4 detonates. To obtain it, you need to allow some of your group to strike a bombsite from any entrance if possible, but don't become too aggressive. If one of the CTs is defusing the bomb, all of the Terrorists should focus on the defuser. If all entrances have been secured, the remaining CTs may not able to leave the area and may get killed by the C4. This achievement is easier to obtain when a server can hold many players.

Combat Ready css Combat Ready
Description: Defuse a bomb with a kit when it would have failed without one.
Team: Counter-Terrorist
Difficulty: Medium
How to obtain: Buy a Defusal kit and if the C4 is planted, immediately defuse it. After all Terrorists have been eliminated, try to time the countdown and defuse it within 6 seconds.
Counter-Counter-Terrorist css Counter-Counter-Terrorist
Description: Kill a CT while he is defusing the bomb.
Team: Terrorist
Difficulty: Easy
How to obtain: If the C4 is planted, go to a well hidden hiding spot and arm yourself with a weapon that has good accuracy like the AK-47 or the AWP. If you see a CT defusing the bomb, kill him quickly. It is also possible to get the Defuse This! achievement at the same time, if you kill the defuser with a HE grenade.
Defusus Interruptus css Defusus Interruptus
Description: Stop defusing to kill a terrorist and then successfully finish defusing the bomb.
Team: Counter-Terrorist
Difficulty: Hard
How to obtain: Use a Smoke grenade and throw it in the area where the C4 is located. Press the "USE" key once and than quickly kill a nearby Terrorist player and then defuse the C4. It is highly recommended to purchase the Defusal kit and have team members for backup to increase the chances of survival as you are very vulnerable when defusing.
Participation Award css Participation Award
Description: Kill an enemy player within 3 seconds of them recovering a dropped bomb.
Team: Counter-Terrorist
Difficulty: Easy
How to obtain: After you or your teammate has killed the Terrorist carrying the C4, quickly camp in a nearby area to set an ambush. Alternatively, arm yourself with a powerful weapon, like the AWP, find a spot with considerable distance, and you can zoom-in while watching the dropped bomb. Once a Terrorist has picked up the bomb, quickly kill him before 3 seconds can elapse.
Second to None css Second to None
Description: Successfully defuse a bomb with less than one second remaining.
Team: Counter-Terrorist
Difficulty: Hard
How to obtain: Make sure you memorize the countdown timer; the fastest it is, the closer it is to detonating. If you can time it correctly and know the last 5 seconds before the C4 explodes, you can gain this achievement easily. Make sure you quickly eliminate the enemy and defuse the C4. Sometimes, bots may ignore you as they prefer to escape the explosion over eliminating enemies.
Short Fuse css Short Fuse
Description: Plant a bomb within 25 seconds.
Team: Terrorist
Difficulty: Easy (Bots)/ Medium (Human players)
How to obtain: With bots, rush to a bombsite as soon as the round starts. Maps like Chateau are the easiest to perform this.

Meanwhile for human players, call all of your teammates to rush to one of the bombsites simultaneity in order to overpower the opposing team and allow you to quickly plant the bomb. (This is not recommended when encountering a CT armed with the SG 550 at longer ranges, unless few of your teammates are armed with the AWP or the G3SG/1.)

The Hurt Blocker css The Hurt Blocker
Description: Defuse 100 bombs.
Team: Counter-Terrorist
Difficulty: Easy (Bots)/ Medium (Human players)
How to obtain: Play as a Counter-Terrorist on Bomb Defusal maps. Purchase a defusal kit and allow the Terrorist team to plant the bomb. Defuse the C4 if you have a chance.
Wild Gooseman Chase css Wild Gooseman Chase
Description: As the last living terrorist, distract a defuser long enough for the bomb to explode.
Team: Terrorist
Difficulty: Medium
How to obtain: Try to distract the defuser and wait for him to start defusing the bomb. Spray bullets at the Counter-Terrorist and make it hard or impossible for him to defuse the bomb. If any enemies do pursue you, run and hide. If done correctly, that Counter-Terrorist player may not be able to defuse the C4 and you will gain this achievement.

Note that your point is distracting the defuser, not killing him. If this is not considered, this achievement will not be gained. It is best done with bots when there is only one player on each respective team. When the defuser comes, keep shooting and hiding to distract the CT until the C4 can detonate.

Hostage Rescue[]

Cowboy Diplomacy css Cowboy Diplomacy
Description: Rescue 100 hostages.
Team: Counter-Terrorist
Difficulty: Easy (Bots)/Hard (Human players)
How to obtain: When playing with bots, it is best to rescue all hostages later in the round.

When playing online, it is rather hard to get this achievement as most human players would prefer to patrol instead of camping in one spot. To gain this achievement easily, it is recommended to play in a map where multiple Hostage rescue zones are present, such as the map Havana.

Dead Shepherd css Dead Shepherd
Description: Kill an enemy player who is leading the hostages without injuring any hostages.
Team: Terrorist
Difficulty: Medium (bots) / Hard (human players)
How to obtain: Use a flashbang to increase your chances of obtaining this achievement. You can also guard a hostage rescue zone with a sniper rifle.
Freed With Speed css Freed with Speed
Description: Rescue all hostages within 90 seconds.
Team: Counter-Terrorist
Difficulty: Various
How to obtain: This is usually best done in a pistol round. Be sure to arm yourself with grenades. Arguably, smoke grenades are best used to conceal a hostage rescue zone.
Good Shepherd css Good Shepherd
Description: Rescue all hostages in a single round.
Team: Counter-Terrorists
Difficulty: Easy (bots) / Medium (Human Players)
How to obtain: With bots, you can simply take all the hostages when their areas are clear and then bring him to the hostage rescue zone(s). Beware of ambushes if not all Terrorists were killed.

With human players, you should stick together with teammates and be quick to take all 4 hostages before anyone else can. If a CT is killed while leading a hostage, don't hesitate to lead that hostage once after the assailant is eliminated. Be sure other CTs protect you or clear the rescue zones.


Aerial Necrobatics css Aerial Necrobatics
Description: Kill an airborne enemy while you are also airborne
Team: Any
Difficulty: Medium/Hard
How to obtain: It is best find an area with higher elevation to gain this achievement more easily and use a shotgun. If a target is distracted or blinded by a flashbang, you can aim for the head, jump, and shoot.
Akimbo King css Akimbo King
Description: Use Dual Elites to kill an enemy player that also has Dual Elites equipped.
Team: Any
Difficulty: Hard
How to obtain: This achievement is one of the most difficult to obtain since the Dual Elites are only available for the Terrorists and pistols are not dropped if enemy has primary weaponry. The chance of getting this achievement is greater if you play on a custom game mode, like Gun Game or Deathmatch.

If playing with online server is not an option. Than restrict bots to use pistols only and choose CT. And hopefully you encounter a Terrorist with Dual Elites and take it. And than encounter other Terrorists with Dual Elites and eliminate them.

Ammo Conservation css Ammo Conservation
Description: Kill two enemy players with a single bullet.
Team: Any
Difficulty: Medium
How to obtain: The AWP is the best weapon to obtain this achievement. Find a suitable sniper spot and use a smoke grenade and/or a flashbang. With luck and skill, you can eliminate two enemies simultaneously.
Ballistic css Ballistic
Description: Kill 5 enemy players within 15 seconds.
Team: Any
Difficulty: Medium (Bots)/Very hard (Human players)
How to obtain: This is one of the most difficult achievements to earn, especially when playing online. The best tactic is to use a flashbang, use a P90 or the M249, and attack a group of enemies.

When playing with bots, set the difficulty to easy, use a semi-auto sniper rifle, and camp at a spot where the entire enemy team may come. Be sure to maintain distance to ensure your survival.

Blind Fury css Blind Fury
Description: Kill an enemy player while you are blinded from a flashbang.
Team: Any
Difficulty: Medium (Bots)/Very Hard (Human players)
How to obtain: Be sure to stick with team members and spray bullets at where you think enemies may pop out. However, do NOT rush into unknown territory when you're completely blinded. This achievement can still be earned when you are slightly blinded, so use that advantage to kill someone before the effect fully wears off.

Note this achievement can also be earned when you are blinded by your own flashbang. You can throw a stun grenade at an area where enemies are located and spray bullets.

Dead Man Stalking css Dead Man Stalking
Description: Kill an enemy at 1 health.
Team: Any
Difficulty: Hard/Very Hard
How to obtain: In rare circumstances, you can survive assaults from enemy players and have 1 HP. The chances of this happening are increased if you have Kevlar and a helmet.

This achievement is difficult to obtain because 1 HP will make you very fragile. Even shotgun pellets from long range can be deadly.

One of the recommended tactics is to wield an AWP and camp somewhere in a hidden/hard to reach area. If this cannot be done, use a flashbang (or an HE grenade) and attack stunned enemies to gain this achievement if you're lucky.

Happy Camper css Happy Camper
Description: Get two kills standing in the same spot with a zoomed sniper rifle.
Team: Any
Difficulty: Easy
How to obtain: This is a fairly easy achievement to score. You can camp in specific areas (e.g. the middle at Dust2) and use the AWP, Steyr Scout, SIG 550, or the G3SG/1. The only thing hindering you is enemy players may try to rush and eliminate you before you can fire a (second) shot.
Lost and F0wnd css Lost and F0wnd
Description: Kill an enemy player with a gun they dropped that round.
Team: Any
Difficulty: Easy/Medium
How to obtain: Usually, in early rounds of the winning team, some players will discard their weapons for a higher valued weapon in the spawn zone. If you can, try to quietly find and pick up any discarded weapons. Hold on to that weapon and use it against the enemy team. If you're lucky, you may gain this achievement.

Most of the time in pistol rounds, they will discard their pistols like the Glock-18 or the USP. If possible, pick these weapons up and ambush them.

Street Fighter css Street Fighter
Description: Kill an enemy player with a knife during the pistol round.
Team: Any
Difficulty: Hard
How to obtain: You may need to camp behind a prop and wait for a victim. This is usually best done in bomb defusal maps, especially when someone is planting/defusing the bomb. Be sure though, that he is alone.


Premature Burial css Premature Burial
Description: Kill an enemy with a grenade after you died.
Team: Any
Difficulty: Hard
How to obtain: The HE grenade is the only grenade that can allow you to gain this achievement. Usually, upon throwing a grenade, human players can avoid getting killed from the explosion, unless they have very low health and are in an enclosed area.

It is best thrown at a clustered group of enemies. If you're desperate, you can hurl an HE grenade and allow yourself to be killed (provided enemies have taken a lot of damage). With luck, you may be able to take out at least one assailant.

Primer css Primer
Description: Do at least 95% damage to an enemy who is then killed by another player
Team: Any
Difficulty: Medium
How to obtain: It is highly recommended to score a headshot to inflict the sufficient amount of damage (be careful though as the target should have high health and the weapon used must be at least a SMG.

It is usually preferred to have an allied player near you to eliminate the target. However, you can also retreat and allow another team member to finish him off later.