Alpha Overview

In Counter-Strike: Source Alpha, the main menu was an ultra HD background of the Counter-Strike 1.6 main menu and had a Half-Life 2 logo in the bottom left corner. There were six options: New Game, Load Game, Find Servers, Create Server, Options, and Quit. None of the options in the button "New Game" or "Load Game" were functional. In "Create Server", only the first tab works while the other two tabs (bot controls) were blank, and the default server name is "Half-Life".

You can only change the driver and resolution in GoldSrc Counter-Strike games, but you can in this Source build. Spray logos do not work in this stage of the game. There was Bot AI implemented by Turtle Rock Studios, the creator of the last iteration of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.

There were only 5 maps: de_dust, de_dust2, de_gold_dust, de_gold_dust2, and de_piranesi. DustDust II, and Piranesi remain in the final release version of Counter-Strike: Source. de_gold_dust and de_gold_dust2 are portations of the Gold Source versions of Dust and Dust II. Content lock can be enabled in the options, despite the fact it is a Source game, not a GoldSrc Counter-Strike game.

All of the weapons from Counter-Strike 1.6 are featured, except the Five-SeveNDual ElitesXM1014, and the TMP. The Tactical Shield in the Counter-Terrorists Buy menu is featured, but does not have an entity, so it cannot be used.

However, there were many problems during the alpha version of Counter-Strike: Source.

  • Muzzle flash does not emit when firing
  • Certain weapons have left-handed and right-handed alignments
  • The texture skybox disappears as you look down/up
  • The alpha did not have the Five-SeveNDual ElitesXM1014, and the TMP.
  • The crosshair was barely visible
  • Sniper rifles only had one zoom magnification level
  • If a secondary is taken out after zooming in, the secondary weapon looks like it is zoomed in.
  • The M4A1's and the USP's Silencer does not appear on the worldmodel when attached.
  • The AWP or Scout does not have a bolt-action animation after firing.
  • The game crashes often
  • The Bot AI only works on de_gold_dust, while the other maps, de_dust, de_dust2, de_gold_dust2, and de_piranesi, the bots tend to stick around in their spawn point.
  • Bots randomly throw grenades without a radio warning.
  • In third person view, the bots tend to hold the pistol like a rifle.
  • The weapons do not use their correct icons, using icons from Half-Life 2.
  • There are only two selectable factions: SEAL Team 6 for the Counter-Terrorists and Phoenix Connexion for the Terrorists
  • The timer only features the number of seconds, not the number of minutes and seconds.
  • Unlike the current version of Counter-Strike: Source, you still had to buy reserve ammunition for your weapon, similar to the multiplayer GoldSrc Counter-Strike games, and you did not restart with replenished ammunition at the start of the next round.
  • When it explodes, the C4 Explosive does not deal any harm to players in the area.
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