Counter-Strike Wiki

New Map[]

  • Added de_nuke with High Dynamic Range (HDR) lighting

Counter-Strike: Source Enhancements and Bug Fixes[]

  • The Bomb (C4) can no longer be planted on breakables, movable physics props, or other players
  • Fixed problem where players were not always "grabbing onto" ladders that were approached from above
  • Crouching while traversing a ladder reduces the player's speed (matches CS 1.6 behavior)
  • Improved door logic to prevent doors from opening into the player using them
  • View-smoothing is now done when going down stairs as well as up
  • Bomb-related sounds play for everyone correctly now (not just the bomb-planter)
  • First-person spectators are blinded and deafened just like the person they are observing
  • Fixed incorrect bullet penetration calculation through concrete+grate materials
  • Fixed changeteam exploit
  • Fixed DX7 early prop fade-out
  • Fixed rare player animation issue while holding grenades
  • Fixed apparent lockup/hang due to the disconnect dialog showing up over the quit menu and hiding it
  • Fixed crash when shooting explosive objects that would result in the shooter's immediate death
  • Opening the buy menu and equipment menu on the same frame no longer leaves the buy menu in a bad state
  • DEagle no longer always plays deploy animation when starting to spectate its owner
  • Non-localized HintText displays correctly again
  • Added "mp_disable_autokick " so players with rcon access aren't idle-kicked
  • "soundscape_flush" no longer forgets about soundscape entities
  • Exposed VIP player index to plugins/mods

Counter-Strike: Source Bot Changes[]

  • Several navigation improvements (jumping, ladders, general movement)
  • Various CPU performance optimizations
  • Bots are more attentive to enemy noises now
  • Bots throw their grenades when surprised by an enemy correctly now
  • Bots can open doors when attacking with a knife now
  • Fixed bug preventing CT bots from hiding to guard a bomb defuser
  • Fixed a few issues where bots were trying to plant the bomb in bad places
  • Bots now break breakables they touch while stuck or crouched
  • Fixed bots not knowing if the cs_havana window is shut
  • Adding the "bot_join_delay" ConVar to delay bots joining after a map change