Counter-Strike Wiki

Weapon fixes[]

  • All weapons now have a new accuracy model which fixes many bugs and provides more intuitive weapon behavior.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the glock to fire burst rounds on three consecutive tick frames. It now fires burst rounds with a 0.05 cycle time.
  • Fixed a bug that cause the famas to fire burst rounds on uneven intervals (0.1 and 0.05). It now fires burst rounds with a fixed interval of 0.075.
  • Reduced penalty for firing while on ladders. Previously, standing on a ladder while firing had the same penalty as jumping.
  • Fixed a bug in the bolt action sniper rifles that caused their zoom state to incorrectly toggle when holding down fire.
  • Added the ability to display weapon recoil by setting weapon_debug_spread_show to 2.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the suppressor state on the USP and M4A1 to not be accounted for correctly when the weapons were dropped with the suppressor attached and then picked up.
  • Fixed fast suppressor switch exploit.

Additional changes/fixes[]

  • Exposed player max speed to be changed by mods.
  • Added a log event when a player's clan tag changes.
  • Improved bots weapon handling.
  • Killing friendly players no longer increments the player stat for kills with enemy weapons.
  • Fixed a bug that caused bullets not to register hits in certain angles.