Counter-Strike Wiki

New Features/Improvements[]

New Player Animations[]

  • Walk/run cycles now include whole-body motion
  • Players automatically raise their weapon and aim through the sights when they stop to fire
  • Weapon-specific reload animations with removable ammo clips added
  • Shotgun reloads animate each individual shell reload
  • Animated the bolt pull for each shot of the AWP
  • Added upper-body recoil animations for shotguns and AWP
  • New grenade throw and knife animations
  • Spectator UI now resizes controls to account for long map names
  • A notification is now displayed to all players when auto-balancing teams
  • Added message for players who try to defuse the bomb while another player is already doing so
  • Added item_nvgs and item_ entities for fy_ maps
  • Can no longer stab with the knife while defusing or during freeze time at the start of a round
  • Player count in dedicated server interface now includes bots
  • Dedicated servers can now use the "timeleft" command
  • Dedicated servers are now secure by default, add "-insecure" to the command line to run in insecure mode.

Bug fixes[]

  • Dedicated servers no longer crash when setting "name" via the console
  • Fixed bug that would occasionally make player weapons disappear
  • Low-violence death animations no longer float if the player dies while in the air
  • Fixed bug that caused the grenade throw animation to incorrectly play when spectating in the game
  • Fixed view jitter caused by prediction errors when near physics objects
  • Spectators now hear weapon pickup sounds
  • Armor is now given with game_player_equip
  • Extra pistol ammo no longer given at round restart
  • Weaker flashbangs effects no longer cancel out stronger ones
  • maps/cfg/.cfg aren't exec'd if they don't exist (fixes console warnings)
  • Fixed bug that caused hostage scenario HUD icon showing 1 hostage left when all were rescued or dead
  • game_player_equip removes player equipment before adding new items

Bot Changes[]

  • Bots can use sloped ladders now
  • Bots open +use doors better
  • Bots don't think they're stuck when hiding
  • Bots using knives can break breakables while pursuing enemies now

Navigation Mesh generation improvements[]

  • Nav generation ignores doors and breakables better
  • Non-planar nav areas aren't merged into larger areas
  • Added nav_generate_incremental to generate additional nav areas starting from a walkable marker, without destroying existing mesh
  • Areas no longer get connected to ladders multiple times (caused a crash if the ladder was deleted)
  • Added nav_restart_after_analysis
  • Fixed bug where some areas would be incorrectly marked as crouch

Navigation Mesh Editor changes[]

  • Nav areas draw a background color, making them more visible
  • Nav_update_blocked warps the local player to the first blocked area
  • Added nav_build_ladder (point at a climbable surface so the cursor is green, and type nav_build_ladder to automatically create a nav ladder)
  • Added nav_no_hostages, to mark an area as not suitable for hostage navigation
  • Added nav_remove_unused_jump_areas to remove extraneous jump areas
  • Fixed a crash caused by manually creating an area before doing a nav_generate on a new map