Counter-Strike Wiki


  • Fixed an issue which was affecting player movement prediction
  • Stopped players on de_dust2 being able to hide inside of rocks
  • Added clipbrushes to de_train to prevent players from reaching certain areas
  • Enabled bots to navigate their way out of the carts in cs_compound

Source Engine (game server changes)[]

  • Added "stats" command to print the current cpu usage, players and net bandwidth in use
  • Fixed rcon responses to properly reflect request id's
  • Added rate-limiting to connectionless queries to prevent flooding (as in HL1, the rate-limiting is controlled via the cvars: sv_max_queries_sec, sv_max_queries_sec_global, and sv_max_queries_window)
  • Removed sv_allowlocalquery cvar

Source SDK[]

  • Added Snow and rain materials
  • Added qc_eyes.exe
  • Made various improvements and fixes to .FGD files
  • Fixed an issue in Vrad which was causing visible artifacts when lighting very large objects/areas
  • Fixed an issue in Studiomdl which was allowing bad $modelnames to be used
  • Fixed the "cordon" texture used by Hammer