Counter-Strike Wiki

Source Engine Changes[]

  • Fixed an issue with the multi-threaded renderer which could cause a crash on map change
  • Adjusted whitespace to improve formatting in status command output
  • Changed stats output to show KB/s instead of bytes/sec, added a connections column, and changed the users column to "Map changes"
  • Fixed game servers not being able to execute the retry command due to the dependence on the connect command (which is not executable by game servers)
  • Made sndplaydelay executable by servers
  • Server frame rate is now based on the tickrate of the active Source mod, not the fps_max convar
  • Server processing delays have been reduced, especially for servers on modern Linux kernels
  • Entity processing logic has been optimized to significantly reduce CPU usage on full servers
  • Multi-threaded server code is now enabled by default under Linux (already enabled on Windows)
  • An exploit with non-printable characters causing lag on Windows servers has been fixed
  • CPU is fully yielded back to the system whenever the server is running faster than the tickrate
  • Dramatic increase in performance for low-level math libraries

Counter-Strike: Source[]

  • Prevent AWP cycle time exploit using quick switch
  • Fixed bug causing HUD History to display item pickups from nearby players
  • Increased sized of HUD History resource to prevent clipping
  • Changed grenade damage so that it always hits HITGROUP_GENERIC and takes into account armor for damage calculations
  • Reduced standing and moving accuracy for pistols
  • Decreased accuracy while moving with sniper rifles
  • Added additional legacy mode (3) to cl_dynamiccrosshair
  • Updated the localization files