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Counter-Strike: Source Beta[]

  • Fixed another bug where pressing space would not open the replay editor.
  • Fixed bug which allowed a CT to defuse the bomb in the same frame that it exploded
  • Cycle time for dual elites increased to .12 second
  • Weapon accuracy changes
    • Fixed weapon accuracy prediction errors causing stuttering
    • Increased FAMAS accuracy and reduced spread for burst mode
    • Increased accuracy of silenced USP
    • Increased accuracy of zoomed sg552
    • Landing penalties reduced for all sniper rifles
    • Weapon accuracy for sniper rifles more closely matches the zoom animation
    • Fixed incorrect jumping penalties for g3sg1 when zoomed
  • HUD changes
    • Repositioned HUD elements to more closely match pre-beta positions
    • Fixed display of additions/subtractions to HUD account and removed background on account
    • HUD history now displays icons for the defuser kit, kevlar, assault suit, and nightvision
    • HUD history now displays weapon icons for grenades instead of ammo icons
    • HUD history no longer has blank gaps