This article describes Counter-Strike:Global Offensive early prototype, for beta release of Counter-Strike with the same name, see Counter-Strike patches (Selection: 1.5).

The Counter-Strike 1.5 was a prototype of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive when Hidden Path Entertainment attempted to port Counter-Strike: Source to consoles.


On the April 30, 2014 Hidden Path Entertainment's employer Mark Forrer published early user interface concepts and Valve's original ideas on own blog[1]. Unlike final Global Offensive version features characters customization with selectable character gender, head type, skin tone, eye color, and camo face paint,also have equitable items such helmet or hats, clothes (upper and lower body) and an insignia.

The images also show a split screen mode and original weapons.



Early UI Prototypes


Cstrike15 2011 04 08 13 32 50 46-0

Cstrike15 2011 04 08 13 32 50 46-0

Unused Content

  • In final version, can still found in game file[2] unused images expanding HUD,Bomb zone and Mini-scorebaord with early HUD,moreover game localization files still have strings refers to Map & game mode pick up Screen UI.


  • Ambient background used on Baggage has "css15" prefix in their name.

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