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This article describes Counter-Strike: Global Offensive early prototypes, for the GoldSrc beta release of Counter-Strike with the same name, see Counter-Strike patches (Selection: 1.5).

Counter-Strike 1.5, reffered internally as cstrike15, was the project name for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's early development builds and prototypes.


Originally starting as a console port of Counter-Strike: Source by Hidden Path Entertainment, the project caught the eyes of Valve Software, eventually deciding on March 2010 that the game would become its own fully fledged game. Features from the console port were eventually included in the May 2010 update and the game's development had officially started.

The initial drafts and concepts from the game were still mostly based on Counter-Strike: Source at the time, featuring a new, more informative user-interface for weapons, the buy menu, teammates, player, and game status. Other features included multiple new factions, male and female variants for the player models, purchasable customers through an in-game currency (this does not hint to microtransactions). Most the media shown of this build is purely conceptual in nature as most appeared to be Counter-Strike: Source screenshots with overlayed UI prototypes.[1]

Eventually, the Counter-Strike: Source weapon models were slowly phased out in favor of newer render versions, however, most of these would not survive with only remnants of textures, models, entity names, strings and scripts would remain and be scattered across the multiple versions and builds of the game. Maps and player models also changed and evolved redesigning older variants or introducing the original ones. New weapons were brought in some phasing out the older classic weapons seen in Counter-Strike: Source, other establishing themselves as their own unit.

The game was eventually leaked by Jess Cliffe one of the co-creators of the series before being officially revealed on August 2011 and demonstrated by Valve Software at PAX 2011. Some of the weapons animations renders and the UI interface had been improved by the time the game was demonstrated at PAX and had a trailer. A beta was made available on the November of the same year, ending the early development phase of the game.


  • Ambient background sounds used on Baggage have a "css15" prefix in their name.

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