Counter-Strike Wiki

[ MAPS ][]

  • Mirage has replaced Dust II on official Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test matchmaking servers.


  • Introducing Counter-Strike 2 Workshop Tools which can be enabled and downloaded from in-game settings menu--these tools will allow community contributors to create weapon finishes, stickers, and maps.
    • Note: the Steam Community Workshop does not yet support uploading CS2 maps.
  • The level editor (Hammer) now leverages GPU accelerated raytracing to both preview and bake lighting for CS2 maps. This significantly speeds up compile times, but as a result a GPU capable of raytracing is required for Hammer to be fully functional.
    • Hammer GPU Minimum Specs:
    • Nvidia 2060Ti 6gb (2080Ti+ recommended)
    • AMD 6600XT (6800XT+ recommended)


  • The player loadout has been revised:
    • Players have 1 Starting Pistol slot, 4 Pistol slots, 5 Mid-tier slots (previously "SMGs" and "Heavy"), and 5 Rifle slots, per team.
    • Assign any (side-appropriate) weapon to any slot within its category.
    • Supports drag-and-drop and has been redesigned to fit in on a single screen.
  • The in-game buy menu interface has been revised:
    • The wheel has been replaced with a grid showing all purchase options at the same time.
    • Teammate purchases are displayed on the buy menu.
    • Weapon "stats" display has been replaced with simple straightforward descriptions.
    • Players can now refund any purchase that was purchased in the same round and has not been used.
  • Existing CS:GO items on the Steam Community Market can be inspected in Counter-Strike 2.

[ SUB-TICK ][]

  • Sub-tick movement is now more precise and less "floaty" (per player-feedback).
  • Releasing movement keys now correctly convey their sub-tick timing.
  • The top player of a triple-stack can now shoot.
  • Fine-tuned weapon aim punch recovery to be latency-independent during sub-tick recovery on the client.
  • Fine-tuned view punch camera shake effect during shooting to be both latency-independent and synchronized with all other sub-tick shooting effects on the client.


  • Improved lighting/rendering when smoke overlaps multiple distinctly lit regions.
  • HE grenade effect times on smoke has been reduced.
  • Shotguns now create larger holes in smoke volumes.


  • Adjustments to the viewmodel 'inspect' to remove animation popping.
  • Several viewmodel and blending animation fixes.
  • Improved traversal animation.
  • Jumping into the air and running off a ledge is now differentiated to allow for separate character motion.

[ SOUND ][]

  • Player's own footstep sounds are now predicted on the client for a latency-independent experience.


  • Improved performance and responsiveness in windowed and full-screen windowed modes.
  • Fixed several bugs and rendering artifacts.

[ INPUT ][]

  • Fixed bug that would cause input to become permanently broken when multiple commands were bound to one key. Multi-binds are back, except for jump-throw binds (which are now a skillful part of CS).
  • Commands bound to mouse wheels will now be reliably executed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause input to execute incorrectly after taking over a bot in practice mode.
  • Inspecting weapons is now predicted on the client for a more responsive experience.

[ VAC ][]

  • VAC will now live ban and gracefully terminate the match at the end of the round (unless it was the last round and the cheater lost).
    • The match will not affect any participants' Skill Group.
    • Players that were not lobbied with the VAC-banned player will earn XP for match.

Undocumented changes[]

  • Replaced the FAMAS fire sound effect.
  • Killing a chicken with a flame causes a fried chicken to spawn.