Counter-Strike Wiki


  • Added shell eject effects for shotguns
  • Dropped weapons caused by buy menu purchasing are now dropped below the buyer

[ MISC ][]

  • Added all-new 2024 Service Medal which will be available starting January 1st
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some older demos from playing back
  • Fixed multiple exploits that allowed adding non-text data into UI labels *
  • Added the ability to add a Friend by using their friend code
  • Added a lister for multiple lobby invites
  • Adjusted wear values of some community stickers to better match CS:GO

[ MAPS ][]

  • Overpass
    • Adjusted clipping to remove exploitable ledges and improve player movement
    • Fixed metal railing props that were generating incorrect footstep sounds
    • Adjusted positions of props and ledges to more accurately match falling damage from CS:GO
    • Fixed some places where players could get stuck
    • Adjusted some props and materials to improve character readability
    • Fixed some cases where weapons could be accidently dropped out of reach
    • Made some adjustments to props that were creating exploitable lines of sight
    • Various lighting and material adjustments
  • Ancient
    • Adjusted grenade clipping volume at cave entrance

* The fix was released with the December 11, 2023 patch