Counter-Strike Wiki

[ MISC ][]

  • Reconnecting to the game server will no longer get a player into a bad state.
  • Improved VOIP performance when running the game at very high framerates.
  • Fixed timings for some events in demo files representing start of the round.
  • Fixed ring artifacts that could appear on smoke particles.
  • Fixed some lobby teammates standing offscreen when the main menu scenery was set to Warehouse map.
  • Fixed storage units sometimes having a very small icon in inventory view.
  • Fixed a regression in items shuffling when matchmaking for Premier, Competitive, or Wingman.
  • Fixed spectator kill streak effects playing when switching to a player with 5 kills.
  • Fixed a regression with Butterfly Knife inspect sounds.
  • Added a catch sound for Kukri knife draw animation.
  • Fixed Zeus tracer appearing to pass through players.

Undocumented Changes[]

  • Fixed incorrect player interaction with ladders