Counter-Strike Wiki


  • Fixed a bug where AMD graphics users couldn't move stickers
  • Stickers with custom offsets will now render properly when inspecting other items in-game from Steam Community Market and Steam Inventory

[ SMOKE ][]

  • Various bug fixes and tweaks

[ SOUND ][]

  • Fixed a performance bug with certain microphone setups


  • cl_interp can no longer be changed directly. Some players had scripts that were setting this to a large value, leading to very bad rubber-banding. The interpolation amount can be adjusted through the "Buffering to smooth over packet loss" setting instead


  • Fixed a bug with the Kukri knife inspect animation
  • Fixed a bug where a player holding an incendiary grenade would sometimes show fire effects at their feet

[ UI ][]

  • Removed XP Overload icon from the kill feed
  • The swap weapon prompt will now show the weapon/finish name rather than the custom name
  • Fixed a bug with switching background maps while inspecting gloves

[ MAPS ][]

  • Vertigo:
    • Fixed a gap in world geometry at Crane

[ MISC ][]

  • Fixed a bug with keyboard input from non-English keyboard layouts
  • Various crash fixes