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The Counter-Strike Blog ( is the official site and main hub for news and information regarding Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


The main page of the Counter-Strike Blog is primarily used by Valve to announce and inform the Global Offensive community about game related news, events, and tournaments as well as game updates. Currently, the site allows players to access information about the frequent game updates, learn more about Global Offensive, and get involved in the Global Offensive community. The site also has internal mini-sites containing special Counter-Strike related material such as commentaries from pro players and pages dedicated to major content updates.


Originally, was the home for "Counter-Strike: A Half-Life modification" during the game's initial development as a popular mod. The site was continuously updated as the game improved and the community grew. The homepage of the site was eventually converted into a simple download link for the retail version of Counter-Strike and later updated after the release of Counter-Strike: Source, until eventually redirecting to the store page for Counter-Strike: Source on Steam once the digital platform was released.

After Global Offensive began development, the site was redirected to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive store page (then a coming soon page). Shortly after the game began testing and started its beta phase, the site was reconstructed as a means for players to get up-to-date info about the game during it's development. Once the game went full retail, the site was updated to provide in-depth information about the game and the community.

On same time when Panorama UI was released, the blog also saw a visual update.

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