Counter-Strike Neo (Japanese: カウンターストライク ネオ) is a Japanese arcade adaptation of Counter-Strike, the original Half-Life multiplayer modification. It is published by Namco and runs on a Linux system using NVIDIA graphics. The game features unique maps, factions, and setting, though the gameplay and the weapon selection remain the same as other games. The game's online service had run from 2003 to 2010 using Namco's LEDZONE service.

Neo includes several major and minor changes. The game does not feature traditional Terrorist versus Counter-Terrorist scenarios, the two sides are renamed CSF (Cosmopolitan Special Forces) and NEO respectively. It incorporates a matchmaking and Elo-derived rating system to help keep players and teams on even footing. The game is anime-themed to better market it in Japan.


Example of CSNeo gameplay


Post Launch Support 

Counter-Strike Neo's post-launch support saw new events and patches to retain a supportive player base. Namco was able to gather information from its LEDZONE servers to monitor its player base's playstyle and adjust the pricing of weapons. Clan wars were a big part of Counter-Strike Neo's community, especially since most players met in person when playing, and were supported by Namco with special events held in various arcade shops. 

An example of a clan war. Which most likely a first taste at E-Sports for Japan

Counter Strike Neo -WHITE MEMORIES-

Along with Neo, a Flash visual novel spin-off set within the same setting was made by developer Romancework, titled Counter-Strike NEO -WHITE MEMORIES-, which spans twelve episodes. The visual novels have a continuing storyline, original soundtrack, and even some portions that loosely resemble Counter-Strike gameplay. It can be still downloaded using archived links from Counter Strike Neo's former official website.
  • Shou (ショウ) is the main character of the visual novel. He is not so cheerful, but not so gloomy either. Usually he talks to other people normally, but he doesn't communicate deeply. In other words, he doesn't pry into other people's personal lives and doesn't let others do the same to him. He doesn't remember what his life was like before he became a rebel. Because of that he isn't confident in himself.
  • Maki (マキ) is the love interest of Shou. Maki is a very quiet young lady. She always feels distant from other people. But since she's been spending a lot of time around Shou lately, she's starting to realize that she's developing feelings for him. When she was saved, she realized that she had lost her memories regarding her past.
  • Oumar (ウマル) has a cheerful personality. Not only is he outgoing, he is also considerate of other people. Thus, when Shou is in trouble, he is there to point him in the right direction. They met while in training, and Oumar has had Shou's back ever since. That's why Oumar is the only person who Shou can open his mind to. Oumar is good at sniping. Therefore, his job is to protect Shou in the battlefield. The relationship between the two men is strong.
  • Reonof (レオノフ) fights bravely at the battlefield. His comrades believe he is the god of victory. But outside of combat he is very gentle, tender, and pleasant towards others. His strength is the stuff of legends among CSF personnel. He is Shou and Oumar's senior, and he has known them since they were in training.

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