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Counter-Strike Nexon: Studio (CSN:S), formerly known as Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies (CSN:Z), is a multiplayer first person shooter game developed by NEXON Corporation. It was officially released for the public in Steam on October 7th, 2014[1].

The content of Counter-Strike Nexon: Studio is very similar to Counter-Strike Online. It is released in the western countries, unlike Counter-Strike Online, which is exclusive to Asian countries. Since its renaming to Studio, the game also features a level editor that can be used to create custom multiplayer maps.

Game Modes

The game modes in CSN:S includes the classic bomb defusal, hostage rescue and assassination as well as new zombie modes which can are divided into 5 categories.


The game includes the original maps from Counter-Strike and Condition Zero with bot support. There are over 50 maps available in CSN:S to support the released game modes.


Original weapons from Counter-Strike are available for free to all users in Counter-Strike Nexon: Studio. Many new weapons are added into the game later on and can be obtained via Crafting, Decoders or special events.




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