Counter-Strike Wiki

  • Added better detection for older GPU drivers and the functionality they support. This should fix the green bar or black screen rendering issues people have been seeing
  • Added letterboxing of the game based upon your resolution option so the game maintains the correct aspect ratio based upon your resolution choice. If you choose a "Normal" (4:3) and play on a widescreen (16:9 or 16:10) monitor then we will now place black bars at the edge of the screen to keep the right aspect ratio. The same is true for widescreen options on 4:3 monitors. Put "-stretchaspect" in the games launch options in Steam if you wish to disable this behavior
  • Report bomb position more frequently to T team members when dropped, fixes it appearing at the wrong location on the radar
  • Added support for "-freq <X>" command line to set monitor frequency when running in fullscreen AND your monitor supports the frequency in question. If you don't have a CRT monitor chances are you can't use this option.
  • Improved firing behavior, it is no longer dependant on client or server frame rate. This change needs both your client and server updates to see the improvements.
  • Strip trailing and leading whitespace on player names, and strip all styles of whitespace now unicode is supported
  • Added logging of developer messages when using -condebug
  • Added support for double clicking a demo to load when using the Load dialog for the viewdemo command
  • Improve general dialog layout in the options UI
  • Improved copy/paste functionality under Linux
  • Cleaned up default keybindings
  • Fixed defuse bar staying up across round restart if you died while defusing without the defuse kit
  • Fixed corrupt texture when running older GPU's that incorrectly report support for non power-of-two textures
  • Fixed the content lock dialog when running some video resolutions
  • Fixed "snapshot" command when running certain video resolutions
  • Force cl_bobcycle to be a minimum of 0.1 to prevent game exploits
  • Fixed Half-Life flashing to black for a single frame on level change
  • Fixed crash if you picked up a grenade in non-standard game styles
  • Fixed some window size change events not passing through correctly
  • Fixed white bar at the bottom of the screen and low FPS when running a 16-bit desktop under windows
  • Fixed crash if you used the swapdemo command incorrectly