Counter-Strike Wiki

  • Added a "Low video quality" option in the Video tab of the Options dialog. Use this check box if you have an older GPU and want to trade off visual quality for FPS
  • Added a "Raw Input" checkbox in the Mouse tab of the Options dialog. This button toggles the "m_rawinput" cvar from the previous update
  • Extended hud_fastswitch options. 0 means no fast switch, 1 means switch on both number keys and mouse wheel, 2 means on do fast switch when using number keys
  • Enabled raw input mode on by default under OS X and Linux. If you have run the previous beta you may still need to toggle this option
  • Improved mouse capturing when using "m_rawinput 0" under windows
  • Added listing of games from the cstrike_downloads folder in the New Game dialog
  • Improved HTTP download performance
  • Fixed crash if OS level DEP setting was turned on for all programs and you ran in software mode
  • Fixed spectator UI being truncated when running in higher resolutions
  • Fixed downloading of content from servers via HTTP, both if you got a 404 error on one of the links or the file was in the base download folder
  • Fixed some commands writing config files to a bad path