Counter-Strike Wiki


  • Server browser will display an icon next to servers that have bots playing in them.
  • Player list dialog now shows the friends name of all the other players on the server.
  • Counter-Strike new game dialog now remembers the map you selected and uses that as the default for next time.
  • Made knife secondary attack do significantly more damage if hitting someone in the back.
  • Optimized new weather effects.
  • Disabled Video Mode drop down menu if the video card can't display Widescreen modes.
  • Fixed random characters appearing at the end of the map overview description (on the team page)
  • Changed Counter-Strike text chat so Spectators can chat with dead players.
  • Bots only swing knife when in range to hit now.
  • Bots use both primary and secondary knife attacks.
  • Bots will try to sneak up behind victims if they are using a knife.
  • Bots crouch more when shooting at distant targets.
  • Bots jump much less during combat now.
  • If a bot sees a friend get killed by an unseen enemy, and it has no enemy, it acquires the killer as its enemy.
  • Throttled how often nav meshes are drawn (confused fast video cards).
  • All games are ready for Steam Linux server release.

Bug fixes[]

  • Fixed font drawing problems with Windows 98/ME.
  • Fixed splash screen not drawing correctly in software mode.
  • Fixed HUD sprites not drawing correctly in OpenGL.
  • Fixed progress bar for launching dedicated server.
  • Fixed Shield/Knife model playing wrong idle animation while deployed.
  • Fixed Shield/Knife model using the wrong knife model.
  • Fixed bug where bots were finding hiding spots on floors above/below that took far too long to reach.
  • Bots no longer aim at enemy's leg with sniper rifles.
  • Bots wont jump after using hostages now.
  • Fixed bug where bots would aim at the ground if in combat with an enemy and the enemy went behind cover.