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Counter Terrorist Training is the training mission in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes.


Much like the Hazard Course from Half-Life and Boot Camp from Half-Life: Opposing Force, the player is briefed in the many tasks and functions present in the game. This includes using Deleted Scenes-specific equipment (such as the fiber optic camera, the radio controlled bomb, the camera and the blowtorch), learning about dangerous hazards (such as fire, poisonous gas, and contaminated liquid), as well as basic movement controls like moving forward, climbing ladders, swimming, crouching, and duck jumping. It also uses other gameplay aspects of the Counter-Strike series, such as the use of flashbangs, smoke grenades, HE grenades, guns, sniper rifles, defusing C4/nuclear bombs, and rescuing hostages.

Weapons & equipment

There are several weapons and equipments used in this training that are:

While at the fire ranges, walk toward the ammo supply to get more ammo, so ammunition is more than enough, except for the M3 Shotgun.

M4A1 Maverick M4A1 Carbine 30 / 30 5.56
USP USP 12 / 12 .45
AUG AUG 30 / 30 5.56
AWP AWP 10 / 10 .308 Lapua Magnum
M3 M3 8 / 0 12 Gauge

Grenade test

HE grenade HE grenade 2
Flashbang Flashbang 1
Smoke grenade Smoke grenade 1

Equipment test

Blowtorch Blowtorch 1
RC Bomb Remote bomb 5
Camera Camera 1
Fiber optic Camera Fiber optic camera 1
Radio Radio 1

Discovered equipments

Kevlar Kevlar Vest 1
Medkit Wall-attached Medical Kit 1 (two times use)
Nightvision Night Vision Goggles 1 (one course used)

AI Player


The U.S Navy SEAL operatives use Colt M4A1 Carbine rifles, except at the bomb defusing scenario where one of them uses a K&M Sub-Machine Gun instead.

Phoenix Faction

The Phoenix Faction members useLeone YG1265 Auto Shotguns


Easter egg


  • Inside the elevator, there is a wanted poster featuring some of the terrorists involved with the September 11, 2001 attacks. Similar posters are also found on the desks of employees.
  • Many of the employees will dismiss the player, claiming they are too busy for a conversation.
  • On the floor in the beginning of the mission, there is a large blue circle of tiles with Counter-Strike's iconic logo and the words "CS" (referring to Counter-Strike) written inside of it. Interestingly enough, the mission's world map icon features a different circle with a different image. In it lies an eagle and the words "United States Government".
  • On several of the computers in the briefing room, there is a physical map of the world and a pinpoint located on southern Texas. Below the map, there is an outline of a UH-60 Black Hawk (the helicopter in Recoil). This strongly hints that the Black Hawk took off in Southern Texas. However, it is likely that the pinpoint was supposed to be placed on the facility in Colorado Springs.
  • On one of the television screens, there is a nearly identical map. Its only difference is a pinpoint positioned on top of central Africa where Recoil supposedly took place.
  • The scientists are based on the scientists model from Half-life.
  • The level is inconsistently titled Counter Terrorist Training instead of Counter-Terrorist Training.
  • Weapons mounted on the wall in the armory are not actual in-game entities and cannot be obtained through the use of cheats.
  • Despite the facility being located in Colorado Springs, the world map displays a location in northwestern America.
  • If a grenade is thrown at the ammo window, it will shatter and can be accessed. If the player throws both a flashbang and a smoke grenade at them, the weapon course is counted as completed and the player may proceed to the next zone even though they have not blinded the intended target.
  • The employees have same behavior as the scientists in Half-Life; if console commands are used to give weapons, and the employees are fired upon, they will look as if they are dancing.
  • Prior to the night vision training, there is an elbow-shaped pipe that allows access to an Easter egg. To reach it, stand against the pipe to get stuck, then jump to hear a door opening. Continue forward until a hole in the ground is reached. Entering the hole will lead to a place with several women bowing in front of The texture file for this map contains a texture for an unused female civilian target, which may have been intended for use in the training section of the range, but the reason for its abandonment is unknown.a ritual sign.
  • The use of the wheel to open the door training in the training content does not appear in any officially provided missions.
  • During the Fiber Optic Camera test, two idle terrorists can be seen. Accessing the area via noclip will not provoke the terrorists to attack.