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The Crate Beacon is a unreleased survival related item added in the May 31, 2016 update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game files.


References to the item were found in the May 31, 2016 update, added to game files.

The function of the item is unknown, but the model's file's location in the game files was hinted[1] along with console commands, console errors, sound mixer, and entities related to item.


Console Commands

The May 31, 2016 update added ConVar documentation in the game files. The commands themselves are still unusable.

Muliplayer Variable
  • mp_survival_num_beacons_high
    • Default value is unknown.
    • Unknown
  • mp_survival_num_beacons_medium
    • Default value is unknown.
    • Unknown.
  • mp_survival_num_beacons_low
    • Default value is unknown.
    • Unknown


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