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Cultivating Trouble (coop_fall) is part of the Operation Broken Fang and is a 2-player Co-op Strike mission. It is the fourth official Co-op map in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and it & its mission, A Lasting Impression, are the continuation to the previous map & mission.


Preparation Area[]

The players begin the Co-op Strike mission in a separate military base where they will receive access to their equipment found on tables, Weapon racks, and Grenade Boxes. The players deploy into the actual mission by walking up a set of stairs to an armored vehicle.

Hard Mode is activated by finding & activating three lights in the starting room to make them light up green, which will make the whiteboard slide away to reveal a switch to be pulled.


Felix Riley states that he reluctantly turned to Booth for a breaching charge to get past the reinforced door found in the previous mission, and requires the players grab it before deploying; he will chastise them should they try to leave without picking it up.

The players return to the facility entrance they had exited in the previous mission and maneuver around Automated Sentries that are triggered by laser tripwires to blow a hole in the reinforced door, finding themselves in a training facility for Phoenix operatives, wherein Valeria Jenner taunts them over the intercom. They navigate to the first of three training areas, a shoothouse based on bombsite B of Mirage, where Valeria tasks the facility's "students" to kill the intruding players, consisting of the rest of the game's terrorist factions.

Afterwards, in the second training area they find an "expensive-looking" chamber where one player steps in and another presses a button next to a window on the outside, blinding the player inside with an effect similar to that of a flashbang. As a form of trust exercise, the player inside has to fire their guns to illuminate a winding path to the door at one end of the chamber, while the player outside has to communicate to the other which directions to walk to reach the door. The exercise has a 30 second time limit after pressing the button, but can be attempted repeatedly & the path will be simplified into a straight line towards the door after failing enough times.

After completing the exercise, the players use a scissor lift to ascend into a third training area, an in-construction shoothouse based on bombsite B of Ancient. Following a shootout with more of the facility's students, the players find an office overlooking the shoothouse holding intelligence on future Phoenix operations that they grab, and are then told by Riley to exfiltrate as a vehicle has been spotted approaching the facility. Returning to the blast door, they find an armored vehicle armed with a machine gun has arrived, which the players defeat by throwing molotovs at from nearby Grenade Boxes until it is destroyed, completing the mission.

The time limit for this mission is 45 minutes.