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Dan Haigh is a level designer for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero most known for originally creating Truth.


Dan Haigh knew he wanted to work with video games after seeing the original Doom.[1] He decided to go for level design because he felt that it had the greatest overall impact on what a game felt like and thus he picked up the Doom Construction Kit level editor.[1]

Haigh eventually moved on to Duke Nukem 3D and then Quake. He eventually formed the modding team Lethargy Software with his close friend Alex Gingell and they produced the notable mods Alien Quake and Deaths Dominion for Quake. When Quake II was released, the team was expanded and they released the mod Oblivion for the game.[1]

Dan's first job in the games industry was at Bullfrog working on Quake III Revolution.[2] In 2001, he joined Gearbox Software when they were developing Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. Haigh would contribute a total of three levels for their version of the game.[3] He thought that working with the GoldSrc engine was a lot of fun and a good learning experience as recreating realistic environments with the polygon limits of the engine was quite challenging.[4]

Despite the prolonged development of Condition Zero, one of his maps was eventually released as Truth in the final version of the game.

Following his employment at Gearbox Software, Haigh also worked as a level designer at Electronic Arts. He also composed the main menu music for Day of Defeat: Source.[5]

Since then, Dan Haigh has switched over to concentrating on music. In 2003, he joined the band Fightstar. After the band went on hiatus in 2010, he founded the band Gunship, which focuses on creating music inspired by video games among others.[6]

List of maps[]

Official maps[]

Map name Game(s) Responsibilities Year
Damage Cscz t (cut) Level designer 2002
Junglecamp Cscz t (cut) Level designer 2002
Truth Cscz t Level designer 2002


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