Shit, CNC is reporting that multiple hostiles are converging on this position. We can't stay here any longer.
―Delta Force Sniper[src]

Delta Force Sniper is a member of the Delta Force special forces. He is also a crash survivor much like the player is during the mission. He only appears in the Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes mission Recoil.

Physical description

The Delta Force Sniper is a medium sized man, probably in his early 40's/mid 50's. He has gray hair, that is mostly covered by a camouflage boonie hat he is wearing, and blue eyes. He is also wearing camouflage fatigues, a camouflage field jacket, black Kevlar vest, black knee pads, black elbow pads, and a pair of black boots. The camouflage is the US Army's tri-color desert pattern.


He is a sniper in the Delta Force special forces. The helicopter he crashed in on the mission Recoil most likely carried his fellow squad members. Everybody in his helicopter supposedly died, as nobody else was with him. He also might have not been in a helicopter at all. He could have been captured by hostiles and somehow escaped.


The Delta Force sniper only appears in the mission Recoil. He is in a room loaded with health, ammunition, and weapons, including the only M60 in this mission. From the point where you meet him, your main objective is to save him and yourself. You will have to leave him for a short amount of time to find the Landing Zone (LZ). Once you find the LZ, you have to go back, get him, and bring him to the LZ. The problem is that the Terrorists took him as a civilian or a hostage for a second time, though it is fairly easy to save him. After freeing him, he won't wield a weapon and you must defend from one or two more enemies before reaching the LZ.


  • Similar to the Black Mesa security guards in Half-Life, he can be interacted to either be commanded to stay behind or follow the player, although sometimes he will no longer follow if the player is too fast. Furthermore, even if he was told to stay at a certain location, he will aggressively engage enemies if he has visual contact of them.
  • Once you've found him for second time, his voice will change to that of the standard hostages instead of his unique voice.
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