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Desert Bunker (cs_desertbunker)[1] was a hostage rescue map that was featured in Counter-Strike (Xbox) and Counter-Strike: Condition Zero during their development.


The map took place in an abandoned Arab village with a military bunker beneath it. However, with the explosion of a bomb, a crater had been formed which uncovered the bunker.[2] The hostages were being held in this bunker.


Desert Bunker was designed by Alex Gingell while Gearbox Software was working on Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.[1] Despite being one of the first revealed maps for the game, the map made very limited media appearances and only a single screenshot is known to exist.

When Ritual Entertainment took over development of the map, they initially started working on the map further. They had plans to release the map for both Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and Counter-Strike (Xbox).[3] In the end it seems very little additional work on the map had been done before it was scrapped.

Coinciding with the Half-Life 2 leak, a version of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero was also leaked. This leak included a version of the map compiled for the Xbox version of the game.[3][n 1] However, the map was leaked without a corresponding texture file[4], which is why a few different substitute texture files exist online.[n 2] The leaked version also suffers from numerous textures with bad alignment, suggesting it had been recently decompiled.


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  1. The Xbox version of the game uses a different lightning system causing the map to appear darker than intended when played on the PC version.
  2. Of the 93 different textures used in the map, 68 are likely to be unique to this map and can not be found from other WAD (texture) files.