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Destown (as_destown) is an assassination map that was featured in Counter-Strike (Xbox) and Counter-Strike: Condition Zero during their development.


The map features a desert environment and centers on a conflict between the Counter-Terrorists and the Terrorists. In this situation, the CTs must safely escort the VIP to the escape zone while the Terrorists must eliminate him at all costs.

Judging by the scarce details, it may have been likely that the VIP was hiding in this area and the Terrorists were guarding the two exits in this map. This includes a helicopter and an APC.

Based on its design, the time was set on either evening or early dawn. Furthermore, it appears that Destown could be located on some archaeological site or an abandoned city in the Middle East.


Destown was designed by Ritual Entertainment after they had taken over development of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero from Gearbox Software.[1] It was likely one of the original 10 multiplayer maps[2] that were to be released with Ritual's version of the game, especially since the presence of an assassination map was mentioned. The map is not known to have made any media appearances. There were plans to release the map for both Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and Counter-Strike (Xbox),[3] but for unknown reasons the map was never officially released.

Coinciding with the Half-Life 2 leak, a version of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero was also leaked. This leak included a version of the map compiled for the Xbox version of the game.[3][n 1] However, the map was leaked without a corresponding texture file[4], which is why a few different substitute texture files exist online.[n 2]


  • The name of Destown could have been derived from Desert TownDeserted Town is also another possible origin, reflecting the abandoned city theme.


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  1. The Xbox version of the game uses a different lightning system causing the map to appear darker than intended when played on the PC version.
  2. Of the 66 different textures used in the map, 10 are likely to be unique to the map and can not be found from other WAD (texture) files.