Dizzy (ar_dizzy) is a Flying Scoutsman map added during Operation Hydra in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


This map is placed in roof of skyscraper which is under construction, similar in theme to Vertigo.

Some areas of the map are designed with gameplay for the Flying Scoutsman mode in mind, with high ledges that can be easily accessed due to the lowered gravity. There are also slopes on the sides useful for surfing, another act that is easy to perform in Flying Scoutsman.


  • Dizzy and Vertigo are partially synonymous, both meaning a sensation of imbalance.
  • Dizzy is classified as an Arms Race map in game files, though the only game mode which it can be played on, Flying Scoutsman, is based on the Casual mode.

Update History

May 23, 2017

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