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This article is about a hostage rescue map. For the Deleted Scenes single player mission, see Downed Pilot.

Downed Pilot (cs_downed_cz) is an official hostage rescue map featured in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.


The map takes place in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina. An aircraft has been shot down and the pilots have been taken hostage by the terrorists.

The map consist of a mountainous jungle region into which the aircraft has crashed. In addition there is a small village of sorts with a few buildings which can provide ample cover. The Terrorists base of operations and the location of the hostages is inside a mine.

Official description

Counter-Terrorists: Rescue the hostages. Take out the Terrorists without jeopardizing the hostages.

Terrorists: Prevent Counter-Terrorist force from rescuing the hostages. Use whatever force needed.

Other Notes: There are 4 hostages in the mission. Rescue them!


Early development


The map was originally designed by Nick Coombe in 2001 when Gearbox Software was developing Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. It started off as a rocky/desert themed map. During early design, Nick decided to change the map into a jungle theme and gave the map the name cs_junglecamp.[1] Nick left Gearbox in November 2001,[2] thus the map would be further edited by other employees at the Gearbox.

When the map was handed over to Gearbox the name was changed since another map with the same name already existed.[1] At around the same time the game mode was also changed from hostage rescue into bomb defusal. The map was given the new title de_enemymine.[3]

When Ritual Entertainment took over development of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero in August 2002, they decided to develop the map further. Thearrel McKinney Jr. was the person in charge of further developments to the map.[4] The largest change was returning the game mode back into the original hostage rescue mode and renaming the map yet another time, this time into cs_downed. A less drastic change was the removal of an intact twin-seater plane from one of the buildings which served the purpose of being a drug running plane in the original backstory.[1] The map was also used as the base for the Deleted Scenes single player mission Downed Pilot.

Counter-Strike (Xbox)

Ritual Entertainment had plans for the map to make its initial appearance in Xbox version of the game.[5] The official factions for the map were supposed to be SEAL Team 6 and the Guerilla Warfare and it was to make use of the pilot hostage model.[6] For reasons unknown, the map was removed from the Xbox version before the game was finished.

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

The map was finally released together with the initial release of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. It was also used as the 14th map in the official Tour of Duty campaign.