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Firing two large-mag Berettas at once will lower accuracy and increase load times. On the bright side, you'll get to fire two large-mag Berettas at once.
―Official description

The Dual Berettas, or .40 Dual Elites, as they were previously known, are a pair of pistols featured in the Counter-Strike series, exclusive to Terrorists before Global Offensive but available to both teams in Global Offensive. The counterpart for the Counter-Terrorists before Global Offensive is the Five-seveN.


The Beretta 92 is a series of 9x19mm semi-automatic pistols manufactured by Beretta of Italy, with the 92FS variant adopted by the US Military under the name Beretta M9. The .40 Dual Elites Counter-Strike, Condition Zero, and Source were Beretta 92G Elite II pistols, and the name also indicates that they are partially based on the Beretta 96 series, which uses .40 S&W. The Dual Berettas in Global Offensive are Beretta M9A1 pistols in inox steel and with wooden grip panels.[1][2][3][4]

In-game, the Dual Berettas are moderately powerful semi-automatic pistols (always dual-wielded in pairs, one in each hand) that were originally available only to the Terrorists, but available for both factions since Global Offensive. In Global Offensive, they cost a cheaper $300 as opposed to $800 from the previous Counter-Strike games, which made them the most expensive pistol in these games.

The Dual Berettas have a high rate of fire and large magazine size and reserve ammunition capacity. They are coded to use 9x19mm despite their name. Their damage isn't very high, but slightly better than the spawn pistols, usually requiring 1 less shot to kill for bodyshots. This, combined with their light weight and low recoil and spread in Global Offensive, makes them effective for spraying and shooting on the move. They are most effective in Source, where their damage is higher.

What keeps them from being competitive is their low accuracy and high damage dropoff, which limits their engagement range to short range. They also have a long reload time to balance out their magazine capacity.

Bots in Global Offensive will rarely/sometimes buy them. However, the Dual Berettas are fairly common among bots in Source, especially if they are restricted to use pistols only. Terrorist bots in older games sometimes uses the Dual Berettas if they are restricted in wielding other weapons. In Condition Zero, expert bots will always spray bullets and aim for the head. If recoil increases, they may aim above the target instead of below. As a result, their accuracy is limited to the first or second bullet.

These are the only pistols that cannot be used with the Tactical Shield, as 2 pistols require 2 hands to properly wield.

In earlier games, if equipped at the same time as the KM Sub-Machine Gun or Schmidt Machine Pistol, the Dual Elites will share the same ammo pool of 120 rounds due to sharing the same cartridge.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Hitbox Primary Attack
Unarmored Armored
Head 150 86
Chest & Arm 37 21
Stomach 46 26
Leg 28 28
Red signifies a fatal hit.
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
Hitbox Primary Attack
Unarmored Armored
Head 140 73
Chest & Arm 35 18
Stomach 43 22
Leg 27 27
Red signifies a fatal hit.
Counter-Strike: Source
Hitbox Primary Attack
Unarmored Armored
Head 177 93
Chest & Arm 44 23
Stomach 55 29
Leg 32 32
Red signifies a fatal hit.


  • The rate of fire of the weapons is not capped in Counter-Strike 1.6, Condition Zero, and Source. With sufficient practice, a player can obtain a rate of fire similar to the K&M Sub-Machine Gun's.
    • Binding the attack key to the mouse wheel, or any (other) key on the keyboard through the developer console, allows an incredible fire rate, although it has bad accuracy when doing so.
  • Aim for the head in close fights with enemies.
  • Unless you are good at scoring headshots, the Dual Elites inflict poor damage to targets wearing armor and have somewhat difficult-to-control recoil which hinders your aiming. Instead, Spray the weapon at close range and rush down enemies, as this is where the rate of fire and the large magazine capacity are the most valuable.
    • If you must engage at medium range, aim for the chest or stomach. Aiming for the head is more difficult due to the high spread, but doable if rate of fire is kept low.
    • Using the Dual Berettas for long range is not advised due to their severe damage dropoff, at 21% per 500 Hammer Units in Global Offensive. The P250 would be a better weapon to buy for long-range maps such as Dust II, as it can manage a 1 shot headshot at much farther ranges.
  • These sidearms are reliable for players using weapons like the Schmidt Scout or Leone 12 Gauge Super, as those weapons have slow fire rates/reloads, and the large magazine capacity of the Elites help when the player is caught reloading these weapons.
    • In some situations, these pistols can help users to escape from enemies. Due to the lightweight properties, large magazine, and good rate of fire, snipers can easily retreat from approaching opponents while firing back.
  • Watch out for incoming enemies if you need to reload the Elites. The reload time is the longest among other weapons. To be sure, reload in a safe location where enemies are the least likely to spot you or when you are with fellow team members to watch your back.
  • The Dual Berettas can be bought during the pistol round, and are an effective choice on both sides for only $300 in CS:GO, due to a high running accuracy and high rate of fire. This makes it great for both pushing a site, and holding against multiple enemies. It is also most effective during pistol rounds, as the main downsides of lacking damage against armor and poor spread at longer ranges are negated by the close-combat nature of pistol rounds, and armor being useless in the round when half of its cost can be spent on a pistol that can one-tap headshot.

Update History

September 21, 2021
  • Reduced price to $300
September 26, 2017
  • Reduced price by $100 for both the R8 Revolver (now $600) and Dual Berettas (now $400).
August 3, 2016
September 15, 2015
  • Increased armor penetration
  • Increased range modifier
July 1, 2014
  • Reduced price to $500

December 11, 2006 (Counter-Strike: Source)


In Tour of Duty, the Terrorist bot Lunatic's weapon preferences are the .40 Dual Elites and Maverick M4A1 Carbine. He is the only Terrorist bot to have any secondary weapon preferences.

The .40 Dual Elites are an "easter egg" weapon in the Deleted Scenes, appearing in few missions and in hard-to-find locations. Additionally, the Elites have less accuracy in the Deleted Scenes than in the multiplayer games.

They can be found in the following missions:

  • Secret War: The pistols are in a crate in the starting area, overlooking the silo entrance. The player must go up the hill to the right of the entrance and jump on several crates to reach them.
  • Building Recon: After dropping out of a vent to flank Terrorist forces, in front of the player will be a large hole in the wall, and in this hole, a smaller cracked wall that can be broken to reveal a crawlspace, in the very back of which are the .40 Dual Elites, along with a full supply of 9mm ammo. Additional 9mm packs cannot be found in the mission, but the pistols can still be restocked with the hidden Weapon Box.
  • Thin Ice: The pistols are behind a locked door on the side of the ship. Nearby are two beams hanging over the ocean. Jumping across to the second beam will break the first beam and unlock the door, granting access to the pistols, a full supply of 9mm ammo, and a medkit. No additional ammo for it is available throughout the level.



.40 Dual Elites Expert css .40 Dual Elites Expert
Kill 100 enemy players with the .40 Dual Elites.


Akimbo King css Akimbo King
Use Dual Elites to kill an enemy player that also has Dual Elites equipped.

Weapon Specialist

Dual Berettas Expert csgo Dual Berettas Expert
Kill 25 enemies with the Dual Berettas.

Combat Skills

Akimbo King csgo Akimbo King
Use Dual Berettas to kill an enemy player that is also wielding Dual Berettas.


  • In Global Offensive, when firing with the infinite ammo cheat active (sv_infinite_ammo 1), only the left gun will shoot while the muzzle flash will appear on the right one. This also occurs in Left 4 Dead if the player enables the infinite ammo cheat while they are armed with the dual pistols (which the Dual Berettas are partially derived from).
  • In Global Offensive, only the right gun emits smoke after firing.


  • Dual-wielding Beretta pistols is likely inspired by the actions films made by Hong Kong director John Woo, such as A Better Tomorrow and Hard Boiled, where Beretta 92 series pistols were famously dual-wielded.
  • The buy menu in games before Global Offensive states that the .40 Dual Elites use .40 S&W ammunition, but the HUD reads 9mm Parabellum.
  • The viewmodel remains the same even if all weapons are switched from being held from the right hand to the left hand and vice versa, except in Global Offensive. However, the animations will be mirrored.
  • The pistols are fired in an alternating order. In the older versions of Counter-Strike, the pistol held by the right hand will fire first. In Global Offensive, the pistol on the left shoots first.
    • When the player only has 1 round remaining in the magazine (meaning that one of the guns has depleted its ammo and the other only has 1 round left), the empty gun's slide will lock back.
  • Even if the player fires only one bullet from one of the handguns with only one bullet left in reserve, the reload animation will display both magazines of the handguns being replaced. Likewise, if the player only fires one round before reloading, both magazines (with one full) will be replaced.
  • It can be assumed that each pistol has a magazine capacity of 15 bullets and costs $400 (and $200 in Global Offensive) per weapon and each weapon has a ammo reserve of 60 9mm rounds.
  • In regards to the world model in games using the Source engine, which can be moved, it is impossible to separate the two pistols from each other.
  • Although the StatTrak counter is featured on only one of the pistols of the Dual Berettas, the counter will still record kills from both guns.
  • In the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta, the animations for the Dual Berettas were reused from Source until an update granted new animations.
  • Some players use the slang term "Dualies" to refer to the pistols.
  • In Source, if the player is equipped with the Dual Elites, the player in third person has an extra pistol holster on the left leg. However, the second holster is a separate model rather than being fixed in the player's model unlike the right holster.
  • The Dual Berettas are one of the few weapons whose drawing animation does not involve "cocking" or "cycling" the gun (in this case, pulling the slide back and forth). Instead, the player draws the pistols and pulls back the hammer on each. The other weapons that share this trait are the Desert Eagle, the Schmidt Machine Pistol, and the XM1014.
  • In Global Offensive, similarly to the Nova, there is small writing on the sides of the pistols that read: "PIETA BARDOTTA", likely an intentional misspelling of Pietro Beretta, probably to avoid copyright issues.
    • "GORDON F" is marked next to "PIETA BARDOTTA", a reference to Gordon Freeman, the main protagonist of Valve's Half-Life series.
  • In Global Offensive, prior to the 3/8/2016 patch, the firing sound of the Dual Berettas from a distance was taken from Source.
  • In Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes, the Dual Berettas are only found in 3 missions created by Russell Meakim, which are Secret War, Building Recon, and Thin Ice.

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