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The elevator in Counter-Strike works just like its real-life counterpart. However, some mechanics of the elevators in various maps are different.


In Fang and Siege, The mechanic for the elevators in these maps were a push-jump in-ascend/descend-get out mechanic, where you had to press the button to summon the elevator and quickly jump in before it moves. However, in Highrise and the Deleted Scenes mission Fastline, you had to push the button inside of the elevator, ultimately removing the need to sucessfully rush to the elevator. In Facility, the player is required to step on the button to summon the elevator.


<tabber>Counter-Strike Beta= Functioning elevators could be used in these cut maps:

  • Fang: There is a usable elevator near the CT spawn.
  • Highrise: There is a usable elevator near the VIP escape zone.
  • Facility: There is a usable elevator near the long ladder.
  • Bunker: There is an elevator-like operating system with trash carts to carry the player to the 2nd floor.
  • Foption: There are 2 lifts that operate like elevators.

|-| Counter-Strike=

  • Siege: There is a usable elevator in the underground shafts. It could be also accessed from the building to the left of Mid.
  • Oilrig: There is an elevator-like platform near CT spawn.

|-| Counter-Strike: Condition Zero= While no new maps with elevators are introduced, Siege's 1.6 version is still in Condition Zero and its function mechanic still remains the same in 1.6. |-| Deleted Scenes= The elevator appears in the following missions:

  • Counter Terrorist Training: The player must proceed to the elevator to get to the training course. The elevator will move by itself without any push of a button.
  • Secret War: There are two elevators in this mission. The first elevator where a Spetsnaz operative joins the player in the lift, the player is required to press a button to descend. The second elevator appears in the end, as the commander steps out of it and makes his sacrifice.
  • Building Recon: The player steps out of an elevator and into the SAS headquarters in the beginning.
  • Downed Pilot: An elevator-like mining cart has to be lowered to get to the underground shafts, after the player discovers an SG 552.
  • Rise Hard: The player travels in an elevator until the 39th/40th floor, where the terrorists shut down the lifts. Furthermore, the player has to jump on top of moving elevators to get back into the actual building.
  • Fastline: The player has to get in an elevator to meet up with his teammates. Two enemies will get out of an elevator to fight the player later in the level.
  • Run!: Enemies will get out of elevators to chase and fire at the player.