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We shall rule the day!
―Elite Crew[src]

The Elite Crew, sometimes referred to as the 1337 Krew or Leet Krew[1], are a terrorist faction featured in the Counter-Strike series.

The Elite Crew were the first terrorist faction available in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta.

Official Description

Middle-Eastern fundamentalists based on world domination and other evil deeds.

Origin: Somewhere in the Middle East.

Focus: A fundamentalist Terrorist organization whose members believe that their evil plans will allow them to take over the world. Has carried out Terrorist attacks in more than 20 countries, killing more than 2,000 people. Targets have included the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Israel. Major attacks included the 1989 hijacking of Fly Friendly Airlines Flight 983, whose pilot was executed on national television, and an attack on a Greek luxury cruise ship in which they killed all on board by poisoning the water supply.

Strength: Several hundred members, spread throughout the world. Political support from Libya and Syria and, since 1987, training, logistic assistance, and financial aid.[2]


In Counter Strike, the Elite Crew model originally consisted of a light-skinned man with a flat-top hairstyle wearing sunglasses, a green bomber jacket, fingerless gloves, tan pants, and brown boots. However, by 1.6, the model's skin became olive-colored, and the pants became brown.

In Counter Strike: Condition Zero, the Elite Crew model gained a complete overhaul that gives him a more distinctly Middle Eastern. He now has a white fez with a headscarf wrapped around the head, sunglasses, a moustache, an orange shirt with a green combat vest, and tan pants with black boots. In Deleted Scenes, where the terrorists get five different head models, the Elite Crew's headgear was expanded, including turbans, pakols, and bandannas.

Counter Strike: Source saw a return to the original style set forth in the original Counter-Strike, but much more detailed. The model now has a "Van Dyke" goatee, a Bluetooth earpiece, and a more-detailed utility belt.

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the Elite Crew now wear a larger variety of outfits including beige shirts, brick red shirts, and blue jeans. They also wear a variety of shemagh scarves and sunglasses. These outfits were updated in the revamped version, but maintained the same style. The Danger Zone Subjects that appear in the Danger Zone gamemode use their head models.

Their default gloves are black leather fingerless gloves.


Ground Rebel

Ground Rebel is a Distinguished agent added in Operation Shattered Web. This agent can be earned from the Operation Shattered Web battle pass track or from the Steam market.

Customplayer tm leet variantg

An expert in local knowledge for Elite Crew's urban operations, Ground Rebels are known for keeping an ear to the ground. That's the signal.
―Official Description

Jungle Rebel

Jungle Rebel is a Distinguished agent added in Operation Riptide. This agent can be purchased from the Operation Riptide Shop for 5 stars (random selection of all 5 distinguished agents) or from the Steam market.

Customplayer tm leet variantj

Elite Crew's wetland and jungle based ground rebel. Deadly in the shade(s). It's dark and I'm wearing sunglasses.
―Official Description


Osiris is an Exceptional agent added in Operation Shattered Web. This agent can be earned from the Operation Shattered Web battle pass track or from the Steam market.

Customplayer tm leet varianth

Osiris earned his nickname from passing judgement, often too quickly, on his marks. His reasoning is simple: "When your time is as valuable as mine, why make small talk?" Confident, skilled, and quick to act, Osiris takes pleasure in dispatching targets with unrivalled efficiency. Any objections?
―Official Description

Prof. Shahmat

Prof. Shahmat is a Superior agent added in Operation Shattered Web. This agent can be earned from the Operation Shattered Web battle pass track or from the Steam market.

Customplayer tm leet varianti

After graduating Magna Cum Laude, Prof. Shahmat began teaching to impart knowledge. With every class Shahmat realized his pupils didn't have the same revolutionary desires that he did. Recognizing that his mind was beginning to dull, he decided to seek a new challenge—mastering the art of war. Watch and learn.
―Official Description

The Elite Mr. Muhlik

The Elite Mr. Muhlik is a Master agent added in Operation Shattered Web. This agent can be earned from the Operation Shattered Web battle pass track or from the Steam market.

Customplayer tm leet variantf

First appeared operating as an 'Acquisitions Consultant' for arms industry magnates, Mr. Muhlik quickly worked his way on to many Most Wanted lists worldwide. Unconfirmed reports suggest he is the last surviving heir to a recently-deposed Middle Eastern monarch. With evidence of elite military training, international private education, and numerous international bank accounts, it’s suspected Mr. Muhlik is maneuvering to rebuild sovereign power over his family's historical lands. Pressure and time.
―Official Description

Map/Bot Appearances

In the Tour of Duty, the bots that use this skin are:

Outside the Tour of Duty, the following bots will use the Elite Crew skin as a Terrorist and the GSG-9 skin as a Counter-Terrorist:

  • Andy
  • Doug
  • Keith
  • Mike
  • Steve

  • Connor
  • Derek
  • Erik
  • Kevin
  • Rick
  • Troy
  • Xander

  • Chet
  • Ivan
  • John
  • Victor
  • Zim

  • Seth

  • Minh
  • Rock
  • Wolf

  • These bots are unchanged in Source.


    • The original Elite Crew model from Counter-Strike 1.6 is a reskin of Gordon Freeman's model from Half-Life.
    • 1337 Krew and Leet Krew is a leetspeak version of Elite Crew.
      • Prior to Condition Zero, the Elite Crew in the faction selection menu was named "L337 Krew".

    An early pre-release "Pajama Clad Arab" player model, found in Half-Life 2: Raising The Bar.

    • The original name of this faction was "Durah Cell"[1] according to a user manual found in the game files. They were later renamed to Elite Crew.
      • The name Durah Cell is likely a pun on the battery manufacturer Duracell.
    • In Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes, the Elite Crew speak Arabic, And in Global Offensive There one quote of "thanks" loadout saying "شكرا" which you guess it, means thanks.
    • The Elite Crew are tied with the Akunin and Guerilla Warfare for appearing in the most missions in Deleted Scenes.
    • In Global Offensive, two model variants of the original Elite Crew have a Marlboro cigarette pack in their shirt pocket.
    • In Global Offensive, unused Elite Crew quotes mentioning hostages can be found in the game files.
    • The Counter-Strike: Source Elite Crew model's sunglasses are transparent, which can be seen by shining a flashlight on his face.
      • In addition, the model has a Mobile phone resembling a Motorola Razr on the belt.
    • EarlyLeetKrew-CSGO

      An earlier Leet Krew model that more closely resembles their model in Counter-Strike: Source.

      In Counter-Strike, the Elite Crew is frequently used by professional gamers due to it having a small head and a slim body that make it a hard target.
    • In Game files there's unused very early version of elite krew that look close to Counter-strike: source's leet.
    • With the new revamped player models in Global Offensive, the Elite Crew is the only faction with two first person hand models, with the African model (variant A) having a different, dark-skinned hand model.
    • In game files of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, there is an very early and quite higher quality model of Elite Crew that looks quite similar to Counter-Strike: Source's version, It could possibly be that the model was going to be featured in the canceled console port of Counter-Strike: Source.
    • Elite krew with full shirt

      Elite krew with full shirt

      Early Concept art of Elite Crew in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Prototype was full shirt unlike newer edition of he


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