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Significantly increases jump height.
―Danger Zone description

The ExoJump Boots or simply ExoJump is a equipment item that was released in the April 30, 2019 update.


The ExoJump Boots are a equipment item in Danger Zone that gives the player improved jumping ability. They are similar in function to the Long Jump Module, an item used in several GoldSrc games. Pressing the JUMP key while standing will cause the player to jump in place with much greater height. Pressing JUMP while crouched will cause the player to perform a long jump. This long jump covers a great distance and at a speed faster than running (with any item in hand).

Additionally, the ExoJump Boots passively reduce all fall damage by 60%.

It can be acquired in any Danger Zone match by selecting the ExoJump deployment perk at the start of the match, or by finding it as a pickup in the map. The player must equip ExoJump Boots found on the ground by pressing and holding USE.

Behind the Scenes

  • ExoSuit
    • References to a full-body Exosuit can be found in the game files in many updates,[1][2][3][4] which can confirm that it is a completely separate item, which may work similar to ExoJump Boots. How different the Exosuit is currently not clear.


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    Sounds references from Cobblestone's Manifest:
  2. May 31, 2016​ update (ConVars & entity)
    *sv_exosuit_jumpbonus_forward, sv_exosuit_jumpbonus_up, sv_staminajumpcostexo, sv_staminalandcostexo
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    REFUNDING EXOSUIT PRICE (need localization)
    REFUNDING HELMET PRICE (need localization)
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    	//"channel"		"CHAN_STATIC"
    	//"volume"		"0.7"
    	//"pitch"		"90, 110"
    	//"soundlevel"	"SNDLVL_75dB"
    	//"wave"		"~)survival/jump_ability_01.wav"