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The FACEIT London 2018 Souvenir Packages are droppable packages available to viewers who watch tournament matches during the FACEIT London 2018 CS:GO Major Championship via GOTV or via Twitch.

The souvenir package a viewer receives will depend on the current map being observed. When opened, a weapon skin with souvenir quality exclusive to the package's map collection will be received. The weapon skin will include a special gold foil event specific sticker as well as special gold foil stickers from both of the teams who played during the match from which the package was dropped. Additionally, a gold foil version of the round MVP's autograph sticker will be affixed to the weapon skin.

Like all stickers, the special stickers on souvenir weapons can be scraped and removed, but not re-used.

Available FACEIT London 2018 Souvenir Packages[]