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The FBI, is a Counter-Terrorist faction featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The unit is based on the real life Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) of the American Federal Bureau of Investigation.[1].

The FBI was added to the Beta in the August 10th 2012 update.

Official Description

In addition to responding to terrorist attacks, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) responds to bank robbery, espionage and cyber-warfare.

The FBI's Hostage Rescue Team was founded in 1982 and is trained to rescue allies held by hostile force. Their motto is 'Servare Vitas' (To Save Lives).


In their original design, FBI CTs are dressed in light green jumpsuits with tan plate carriers, drop-leg holsters and load-bearing equipment, plus a variety of headgear, such as baseball caps, MSA Sordin headsets, ski masks, beanies and ballistic helmets.

The faction design was overhauled in the October 3, 2018 update. In their new design, they wear blue jackets marked with yellow FBI texts, jeans, and a tan plate carrier on top. Most wear caps, some wear shades and ski masks, and all wear headsets.

In both designs, their default gloves are black hard knuckle gloves.

Map Appearances


  • In an old Global Offensive trailer, an FBI operative can seen on Vertigo, despite the fact that the FBI did not officially appear in that map at the time.
  • On the reworked models, the letters "HRTF" is written on the side of the characters' headphones. It is a reference to "Head-related transfer function", a surround sound system added to CS:GO.
  • Following the addition of faction to Nuke, the faction was given the voicelines of the SWAT as they lack voicelines for the Bomb Defusal mode.


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