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This page lists all the radio commands used by the FBI.

Decoy out[]

"Decoy's out!"
"Deploying decoy!"

Throwing Flashbang[]

"Flashbang out!"
"Throwing flashbang!"

Fire in the hole[]

"Fire in the hole!"
"Grenade out!"

Incendiary out[]

"Incendiary out!"
"Throwing fire!"
"Throwing incendiary!"

Smoke out[]

"Throwing smoke!"
"Covering with smoke!"


"Go go go!"
"Let's go!"
"C'mon, let's go!"

Fall back[]

"Fall back!"
"Everyone back!"
"Back, back, back!"
"Get back! Get back!"

Stick together[]

"Let's stick together."
"Pull yourselves together."
"Stay tight."

Hold this position[]

"Hold this position."
"Cover this area."
"Stay here."

Follow me[]

"Follow me."
"Let's go, follow me."
"I'll take point."
"Stick with me."

Affirmative / Roger that[]

"Roger that."
"That's a big 10-4."


"That's a negative."
"Yeah, that's a negative."
"Yeah, that's a big negative."

Cheer / Compliment[]

"Okay, okay!"
"That is it!"
"We got it!"
"Hoho, yes!"


"Yeah, thanks a lot."
"Thanks a lot."

Enemy spotted[]

"We have an active shooter."
"Target spotted."
"I have eyes on target."
"I can see one."

Need backup[]

"Need backup!"
"Need support!"

You take the point[]

"Lead the way."
"I'm with you."
"You lead."
"Lead the way."

Sector clear[]

"We're clear."
"All clear."

In position[]

"I'm in position."


"I'm blind!"
"Can't see!"
"Ahhh... flash bang!"


"I've got your back."
"I've got you."
"I'll cover you."
"I got you."

Friendly Fire[]

"Check that weapon!"
"Hey, watch where you point that thing!"
"Hey! Hey! Whatcha doin?"
"Hey! Hey! Hey!"
"Whoa!  Hey! Whatcha doin?"
"Hold your fire!"
"Come on, seriously?"

Round Start[]

“Go! Go! Go!”

“Let's not lose a hostage

“Cowboy up and let's go!”

“Break time's over ladies! Let's go!”

"Its time to earn our stories"

"Let's go get em' boys"