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This article is about the map. For the mission, see Fastline (mission).

Fastline (de_fastline_cz) is an official bomb defusal map for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. It was also planned for Counter-Strike: Source but was cut during development.

It is based on the mission Fastline in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes.

Official Description[]

Background: An Asian National Peace Summit is about to occur in downtown Tokyo. Terrorists have opted to target the sprawling Tokyo subway line in the early morning before the conference in an attempt to cause confusion and halt the international meeting.

Terrorists: Destroy one of two points within the Shinkane Subway Station to prevent the Peace Summit from taking place.

Counter-Terrorists: Protect the Subway Station from damage and insure that the Peace Summit occurs.


  • This map is one of the three Condition Zero maps that were planned to be ported to Counter-Strike: Source alongside Tides and Stadium but only Tides is released in the final version of the game.
  • There are three locations on the map where mapper Luke Whiteside's signature is hidden: the left corner of the subway station's main lobby leading to the elevator, the hamburger vending machine to the left of the terrorists' spawn, and the far-left escalator corner of Bombsite A, which has a dark tile with Weasl's signature on it, Luke Whiteside's nickname。
  • In the middle of the corner of the bench on the outside of the ventilation duct leading to Bombsite A and the planter on its side is a box of Porky's Chocolate Bars, the same box of Porky's Chocolate Bars that Fastline players found in the bookstore of the subway station in Counter-Strike:Condition Zero:Deleted Scenes.