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The following is a list of quotes from Felix Riley from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Operation Wildfire[]

The Extraction[]

  • "Go to the wall and pick out your weapons of choice. When you're ready, step into the taped off square to be deployed. One more thing: we're providing you with heavy armor and medical stims so you'll be able to take more abuse than normal."
  • "Alright operators, Kincaide is counting on you. Move swiftly and decisively... clearing each area of Phoenix before moving forward. Good luck.
  • "Good work: The peremiter is secure. Time to take that compound."
  • "They have to know you're coming for Kincaide - be careful, they're going to shore up their defenses."
  • "Kincaide has to be close. They wouldn't have a merc like that protect some random door."
  • "Great job, now get the hell outta there!"
  • "Evac is on it's way, get to the extraction point!"
  • "You're on the home stretch, your bird's almost there."
  • "First we killed Turner, now we've extracted Kincaide... I could get used to things going our way."
  • "We're not leaving without Kincaide!"
  • "Looks like I spoke too soon - The Phoenix are coming in force, hold out until evac arrives."
  • "There's the chopper!There's the chopper!"
  • "Let's get you home. "
  • "If your ammo runs low, you can always take a weapon from enemy combatants"
  • "This isn't just a base, it's a staging area...what are the Phoenix planning?"
  • "These are blueprints for one of Kriegelds rail yards...why would he target one of his own trains... what is he moving?"
  • "That's kincaide! There has to be a way to unlock this door from the other side."
  • "Evac will be there in 60 seconds"
  • "30 more seconds and we're home free."
  • "15 more seconds."
  • "5 more seconds."
  • "What are you doing? We're not leaving without Kincaide!"
  • "There has to be another way out of that room - look for vent or a switch or something..."
  • "The Tactical Awareness Grenade is a great tool to identify the location of near by enemies"
  • "If Phoenix keep getting the drop on you, use a TAG grenade before entering an area."
  • " Don't forget to use your medical stims if you're low on health... you have 3 of them so don’t befraid to use them."

Once More Into The Breach[]

  • "Good work extracting Kincaide... hopfully this will go just as smoothly. You need to gain access to Kriegeld's computer, download his business files, then upload a trojan so we can follow the money."
  • "Make your way through the maintance building to get into Kriegeld's accounting office."
  • "You got more company!"
  • "Damn it, they were ready for us... be careful moving forward, I have a feeling that won't be the last ambush."
  • "The storm is getting worse - if you don't get that data soon we won't be able to fly in your ride."
  • "You got what we needed. Make your way to a rooftop, we'll extact you hot."
  • "The programs working, hang tight while we copy the data over."
  • "Download complete, now upload the virus!"
  • "Virus uploading!"
  • "It's done!"
  • "They've disabled the feight elevator, take out The Phoenix and get it moving again."
  • "You just beat the storm, good work."
  • " Once we start downloading their data they'll know exactly where you are: stay close and watch each other's backs. Good luck."
  • "You're almost out of there...the choppers waiting for you on the roof."
  • "Alright, once you're out of the maintance building, find a way to cross the yard and get to the accounting office. "
  • "You're almost to the objective."
  • "Excellent work!"
  • "Remind me to give you boys a raise."

The Enemy Of My Enemy...[]

  • "I'm not wild about helping Booth, but Imogen could be a powerful asset. This time we'll be going in by boat - by approaching from the river we should be able to get past all their gates and get right in the compound. Once we're on site we'll make contact with Imogen."
  • "Imogen, can you hear me?"
  • "My people are onsite, where are you?"
  • "Hang tight, we're on our way."
  • "Courtyard's clear, get to the motorpool."
  • "They'll be time for jokes later. Let's get you out of here"
  • "They're trying to slow you down, you can expect more of these choke points."
  • " We need both of you to secure Imogen"
  • "You also have a second objective: Destroy that facility."
  • "Imogen, you have any ideas on how to take this place out?"
  • "What if I told you we only had 2 packs of c4."
  • "And I would agree... then tell you we still only have 2 packs of c4."
  • "You're father's not the only game in town Imogen."
  • "We can argue about inventory later, stay focused on the task at hand."
  • " Why'd that bomb go off early?"
  • "*sigh* when you're safe, set up a meeting with Booth."
  • "Get Imogen back to base - we'll check for Valeria's body later. Good work."
  • "We're clear of the facility, Imogen gun it!"
  • "Are you kidding me?"
  • "How could Booth never teach you how to drive a proper car?"
  • "Get to the extraction point!"
  • "Well check for Valeria's body later... good work"


  • "It's up to you now: kill the remaining Phoenix and wait for backup."
  • "Take out the remaining enemies, help is on it's way."
  • "Secure the area so we can bring in back up."
  • "Once you clear out the enemies we'll bring in reinforcements."
  • "Operator down!"
  • "We're out of time... get back to base."
  • "We missed our window."
  • "Pull out, the window's closed."
  • "We missed out shot... come back home, we'll try again later."
  • "Damn it, we're out of time..."
  • "We failed..."
  • "It's over..."
  • "Operator, what is your status? Again, what is your status?"
  • "Valeria will answer for this..."
  • "We were so close..."
  • "Ah...looking for a challenge eh?"
  • "Keep trying, you can do this."
  • "Learn from your previous mistakes - I know you can stop The Phoenix."
  • "I wouldn't send you out there if I didn't think you could do it."
  • "Check your sight lines, make sure The Phoenix can't get the drop on you."
  • "Remember: Teamwork is the key to success. Communicate, and watch each other's backs."
  • " Don't forget to check the area for supplies, after Lord William's death we're not exactly swimming in resources and I refuse to owe Booth a favor."
  • "Remember your training and you'll both come home."
  • "Communicate. Work as a team. It's the only way you're going to survive."

Operation Hydra[]



  • "You up for a little challenge?"
  • "You have your orders, give em hell"
  • "Good luck operators"
  • "You have your orders, stay safe"
  • "Time to get to work"
  • "Work together, and you both will survive this"
  • "Have eachothers backs, its the only way youll be coming home"
  • "Enemies inbound"
  • "Stay sharp, showtime"
  • "I want you both to come home alive, thats an order"
  • "Remember your training and you'll both make it out of there"
  • "Hope you two are ready"
  • "No more wargames, this is the real thing"
  • "Operation Hydra is depending on you two"
  • "Show em how its done, operators"
  • "The coalition taskforce can not fail"
  • "Operators, the worlds counting on you. No pressure"
  • "Work as a team, its the only way to survive"
  • "Theres two of you, and a hell of a lot more of them. Stay alert blabla"
  • "Playtimes over, this is for real"
  • "Hope youre ready operators"
  • "This is no exercise, the stakes are real"
  • "Time to show the world what the coalition taskforce can do"
  • "Hope youre both ready"
  • "Protect the area"
  • "Its up to you two to hold the line"
  • "Show them no mercy"
  • "People put their faith in us, we cant let them down"
  • "Valerias goons are on the ropes, lets knock them out"
  • "They have the numbers, but we have the skill"


  • "The Maghreb is the most contested theatre, we can't let them gain a presence."
  • "The Maghreb is the most contested theatre, we can't let them gain a presence." (different version)
  • "This city should be familiar to you."
  • "This place is becoming a second home."
  • "The civilian population is behind us, lets prove their trust isn't misplaced."
  • "I have a feeling this won't be the last time we're here."