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The GIGN is a Counter-Terrorist faction featured in the Counter-Strike series. They were the second model made playable in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta.


The French GIGN (National Gendarmerie Intervention Group, French: Groupe d'Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale) is one of the groups in the Counter-Terrorist faction. The unit was founded by Lieutenant Christian Prouteau, six months after the Munich massacre during the Olympic Games in 1972, and a prison mutiny in Clairvaux Prison the year before.

They are famous for ending a 1994 Air France Flight 8969 hijacking at Marseille airport in France and are considered as one of the best counter-terrorist units across the globe.

Official Description

France's elite Counter-Terrorist unit, the GIGN, was designed to be a fast response force that could decisively react to any large-scale terrorist incident. Consisting of no more than 100 men, the GIGN has earned its reputation through a history of successful ops.

The elite French counter-terrorism unit, GIGN was designed to be a fast response force that could react quickly to any large-scale terrorist incident.[1]


In Counter-Strike, the GIGN wear navy blue uniforms with black balaclavas and black kevlar vests. In Condition Zero and Source, their outfit stays the same but have the addition of blue/black combat helmets with yellow visors, flipped up in the former and flipped down in the latter.

In Global Offensive, they retained their classic look. Their hand model features royal blue sleeves with black and dark grey gloves.

Deleted Scenes Uniform

Although the Deleted Scenes game files indicate that the GIGN was to be spotted wearing several variations of their uniform, only the classic one is seen in-game.


  • Standard: Dark blue fatigues and dark blue Kevlar Assault Suit.
  • Jungle: Blue camo fatigues.
  • Unseen: Red fatigues


  • Operative: Dark green helmet
  • Unseen distorted model: Desert camo beret with balaclava
  • Unseen fixed model: Dark Green helmet
  • Officer: Red beret with GIGN Patch and sporting scars and beard

Map/Bot Appearances

In the Tour of Duty, the bots that use this skin are:

Outside the Tour of Duty, the following bots will use the GIGN skin as a Counter-Terrorist and the Guerilla Warfare skin as a Terrorist:

  • Colin
  • Grant
  • Jerry
  • Mark
  • Nate
  • Yahn

  • Dave
  • Don
  • Finn
  • Reed
  • Wade
  • Xavier

  • Gabe
  • Jim
  • Tony
  • Zane

  • Vinny

  • Crusher
  • Pheonix
  • Shark
  • Stone

  • These bots are unchanged in Source.

    Motorcade Assault
    GIGN operatives only appear in this mission as allied NPCs, but the player can't interact with them normally. There are three operatives, plus two operatives that are only an animation. The two animation operatives are in the scene where the player gives cover to the GIGN-ground team, and one of the two is injured. The other one throws a grenade to kill two terrorists with M60s that was blocking the ground team. The operative that throws the HE Grenade seems to be armed with an MP5. The other two ground team operatives are armed with M4A1 and will die cause of the two M60s terrorists, but you can interact with them if you use cheats. The last operative is seen on the boat of the rescue team, it's an injured one and it's lying down on the back places. This operative can't be killed, because it's only a 3D-designed CT.


    • The GIGN (as well as the GSG-9) have made appearances on all promotional pictures for every Counter-Strike game.
    • The GIGN is the only faction in Deleted Scenes the player never play as. As they only appears in the mission Motorcade Assault and the player is part of GSG-9 Team. Originally there was supposedly a cut mission where the player is part of GIGN.
      • In addition GIGN is only Counter-Terrorist faction that the Officer is never seen in the mission.
    • When using some weapons that are long or have a large stock, the end will clip through the GIGN's visor.
    • In Tour of Duty, all CT teammates (Travis and Brent) who use Tactical Shield are members of GIGN.


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