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A less expensive option among the terrorist-exclusive assault rifles, the Galil AR is a serviceable weapon in medium to long-range combat.
―Official description

The Galil AR is a Terrorist rifle featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive & Counter-Strike 2. It is the successor to the IDF Defender in previous Counter-Strike games, having similar statistics and the same role as its predecessor


The Galil AR is modeled after the Galil ACE 22, an Israeli assault rifle manufactured by Israel Weapon Industries. The ACE 22 is the medium barrel version of the IWI Galil ACE series, produced since 2008. Its in-game name comes from a different weapon in the same family, the Galil AR.

In-game, the Galil AR costs $1800, making it the cheapest Terrorist assault rifle. It has a high rate of fire but moderately strong recoil. It holds 35 rounds in its magazine, 5 more than most other assault rifles, and has a good penetration power. Its primary disadvantage is that it cannot instantly kill targets at full health and armor with a single headshot, and accuracy is somewhat low at long range.

In general, the Galil AR is a good choice for an eco round assault rifle, but is not very good for buy rounds.


Hitbox Primary Attack
Unarmored Armored
Head 120 92
Chest & Arm 30 23
Abdomen & pelvis 37 29
Leg 22 22
Red signifies a fatal hit.


  • While very cheap and more accurate while spraying, it's usually better to save up for AK-47 instead, since the Galil AR will often lose to the stronger, more accurate rifles. T's who can't buy the AK-47, but are also looking for a cheaper, more rewarding option may want to opt for SMG's like the UMP-45 instead for garnering twice the kill reward.
  • For close-quarter combat and at medium ranges, fire full-auto, preferable at the chest of a target.
    • At longer ranges, burst-fire or tap fire for maximum efficiency while strafing to avoid damage.
  • This weapon is a poor choice against enemy snipers due to the inability to quickly kill armored snipers in one shot, unlike the AK-47. Avoid common sniper spots whenever possible.
  • Avoid strafing and spraying bullets with this weapon, due to the high spread. Moreover, players with lighter and more accurate weapons can "out-strafe" users.
    • If the player wishes to spray bullets, it is recommended that one should be in close range with their target. Also, move down the mouse to counter the recoil.

Update History

November 18, 2019
  • Reduced the price of FAMAS and Galil by $200 (to $2050 and $1800, respectively)
  • Improved full-auto spraying accuracy of FAMAS and Galil.


Weapon Specialist
Galil AR Expert csgo Galil AR Expert
Kill 250 enemies with the Galil AR.


  • In the alpha and beta and PAX 2011 version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the Galil AR had a Meprolight Tritium Powered Reflex Sight attachment on the rifle's handguard. The weapon could zoom in like the AUG and the SG 553. This attachment was later removed to balance out with its CT counterpart, the FAMAS[3].
    • Before an update, the attachment still appeared in the HUD kill icon.
  • Before the CS:GO sound update, the P90, Galil AR, SG 553, and AUG shared the same "cocking" or "cycling" sound.
  • The Galil AR's magazine in CS:GO is unusually tall and thin. The CS2 model seems to have that minor issue fixed.
  • The IDF Defender, the older predecessor, weighs slightly more (215 vs 210) than the Galil AR, like in real life.
  • In the early stages of development, the bolt-pull sounds were not properly synced with the animations.
  • Similar to the G3SG1 from older games, if a person views the reload sequence of the Galil AR from the "classic" view model position, the magazine appears to be taken out and simply placed back into the rifle.
  • Despite being modeled after the Galil ACE 22, the HUD image and achievement icon show a Galil SAR instead.[4]


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