The gas mask is a piece of equipment cut from Counter-Strike. The only hint of its possible appearance in the game are two HUD icons.


Once purchased, its main function was to immunize its user from the effects of the CS grenade.

Since it was cut, this piece of equipment is not usable in any Counter-Strike game.


  • It was first seen in-game during a video of an old, unreleased version of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero with Randy Pitchford. Its name can be seen in the buy menu above the Tactical shield.
  • The SAS in most Counter-Strike games have gas masks equipped. However, it does not serve anything special other than its appearance.
    •  SAS members will still cough in Deleted Scenes when a smoke grenade is thrown nearby.
  • For some reason, when the player falls into the water in map Survivor, the gas mask icon will show up.
    • It is likely this was reused from cut content of Half-Life in which originally in said game, there was supposed to be nerve gas that would damage the protagonist. Upon being hurt by the gas, the gas mask icon would appear.


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