Glen Cooper
Glen Cooper
Born c. 1977
Nationality Usa flag American
Title Level designer
Aliases ■ glenC

Glen Cooper is a level designer for Counter-Strike. He is the creator of Italy.


Cooper's interest in game modifications began when he played Excitebike for the Nintendo Entertainment System as it had the ability to create custom tracks.[1] His first venture into 3D level design was with Doom II, though the first maps he actually released were designed for Duke Nukem 3D.[1][2] When Half-Life came around, he also did a few maps for the title before Jaison Green eventually introduced him to Counter-Strike around Beta 3.[1][3]

Initially, Cooper thought the mod was quite moderate as he had only played it against other people at his office.[1] Once he actually played the mod in an online setting, he was hooked and around the time Beta 5 was released he wanted to see if he could pull of designing a good map for the mod.[2][4] His first attempts at mapping included an assassination map though he would never finish any of these maps before he moved on to designing what would become Italy.[1]

After working on the map for around 3-4 weeks finished it.[2] He was pretty confident the map would go official when he was still designing it, but the popularity the map would achieve took him completely by surprise.[4] The map was such a success that Valve Software would end up buying the rights to the map and include it as part of the retail version of the game.

Glen also worked on a few other maps for the game and had plans to eventually release them,[5] but none of these maps were ever finished as he gradually started losing interest in the game in early 2002.[1]

Professionally, Glen used to work at various companies involved in internet consulting before founding his own consulting company Pico Logic in 2007.[6][7] He also formed the band Diamondwolf together with a friend in 2012.[8]

List of maps

Official maps

Map name Game(s) Responsibilities Year
Italy Cs t Level designer 2000


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