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Graham Nardone is a level designer for the Counter-Strike Beta, known for his level Facility.


Graham Nardone entered the game modding community by creating mods for the game Rainbow Six.[1] His entry into level design would consist of levels converted from other games, most notably GoldenEye 007. The first map he released was for Half-Life in 1998, Stack, a conversion of a level present in GoldenEye 007 with the same name.[2]

His first level designed for Counter-Strike was Facility, which was yet another conversion from GoldenEye 007. It would end up getting released as an official map for the mod. He would also soon design Sand Storm, a map converted from Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear.[3]. It was slated to be included in beta 4.0,[4] but did not eventually make the cut.

During the following years, he would be busy working as a beta tester for Activision[5] and as a manager at Adventure Landing[6]. In 2004, he returned to Counter-Strike mapping, releasing Unrest, a conversion from EverQuest. Soon he would also revisit Facility and release a remade version that was significantly closer to that of the original GoldenEye 007 game.[citation needed] His final level designed for Counter-Strike was LA Subway, once again a conversion from SWAT III.[7]

In 2005 he became heavily involved in the mod GoldenEye: Source where he mainly contributed in level design. He was employed by Volition in 2007 where he worked as a compliance specialist. As of 2009, he has been working at Electronic Arts as the assistant producer for The Sims series.[6]

List of maps[]

Official maps[]

Map Name Game(s) Responsibilities Year
Facility Beta Level designer 1999

Custom maps[]

Map Name Game(s) Responsibilities Year
Facility 007 Cs t Level designer 2004
LAsub Cs t Level designer 2004
Sandstorm Cs t Level designer 1999
Unrest Cs t Level designer 2004


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