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You can only carry just one of each type of grenade, but we do have an unlimited supply here for you to practice with...

The Grenade Box or Grenade Tray is an item that provides an unlimited number of grenades in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


The item is exclusive to the Weapons Course and to the Co-op Strike. Although differing in appearance, their functionality is the same. Each box or tray contains an infinite amount of the grenade type it carries. Acquiring a grenade can be done by simply walking up to the tray or box and pressing the USE key. The grenade will be automatically added to the inventory. The player may not replace grenades when their inventory is full, requiring one to throw grenades they do not intend to use.


The item makes a first appearance under the form of wooden trays containing a batch of HE grenades and is seen at two points during the Weapons Course, once at the grenade section where two trays sit atop of a wooden table (with the one on the left being empty) and a second time at the timed course's armory store, next to the Five-SeveN and Knife.

It makes a return in Operation Wildfire during all Phoenix Compound missions. Inside of the Counter-Terrorist base's armory store lies a table with a series of open green metal boxes, each containing one type of grenade (with the Molotov Cocktail being the only not present). Several other unopened boxes lie under said table, they do not make an appearance beyond that point.

Bugs & Exploits[]

In the case of Flashbangs or other grenades (through console commands) that can be carried in multiple amounts, only one may be grabbed from the tray and/or box.[1]


  • The Tactical Awareness Grenade box does not have its own model, it instead uses the empty box with multiple individual grenades inside of it.
  • The Molotov cocktail is the only grenade that has yet to appear in a tray or box.


  1. Tested in Phoenix Compound