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Grenades are a type of weapon in the Counter-Strike series. In games prior to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, they are classified alongside other Equipment in the buy menu. In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, they are in their own category on the buy menu.


Players may hold a maximum of four grenades in Global Offensive. Players will automatically switch to their primary weapon after throwing a grenade. If a primary weapon is not available, then they will switch to their secondary weapon. If both are not available, then they will switch to their knife.

In Source[Citation Needed] and Global Offensive, the player's most recently selected grenade will be dropped when they are killed. If they have never selected one, then the most expensive grenade will be dropped when they are killed. Prior to Condition Zero, the player will not drop any grenade upon death. If any bot picks up a dropped grenade, they will use it in the beginning of the next round.

When held, the player's movement speed is 250 units per second in Counter-Strike, meaning they suffer no speed reduction. In Source and Global Offensive, the player's movement speed is 245 units per second, a very slight speed reduction.

In Global Offensive since Operation Riptide, a player can purposefully drop a grenade by pressing the drop key.

Throwing Grenades

A grenade is thrown by pressing the primary attack key. An animation showing the safety pin being pulled out will be shown the moment the player presses the primary attack key. Holding down the primary attack key will delay the throw as the grenade and its safety handle are held in the player's hands. Once the primary attack key is released, the grenade will be thrown. The grenade is affected by gravity and thus has an arcing trajectory, and bounces when hitting any surfaces, creating a small bouncing sound. Enough bounces, and the grenade will come to a rest (if it had not exploded already). Individual grenades have different mechanics that determine when do they explode and release their contents, with timed fuze being the most common and impact explosion being used for the incendiary grenades.

In the PC version of Global Offensive, all grenades can be thrown at three different ranges. Using the primary fire throws the grenade at long range, using the secondary fire bounces the grenade at short range, and using both primary and secondary fire throws the grenade at medium range. The grenade will not be thrown as long as either fire key is held down.

By releasing one mouse button after the other, throws between the regular 3 can be achieved. There are a virtually infinite amount of ways to throw a grenade using this.

Physically hitting an enemy with a flying grenade in Source and Global Offensive deals a small amount of damage.[1]

Grenades can be thrown much further in Source and Global Offensive compared to earlier games.

List of Grenades