Hideout (cs_hideout) was an official hostage rescue map in the Counter-Strike beta.


The setting of the map appears to be located in a mine and a storage warehouse with a security checkpoint, somewhere in a rocky, desert environment.

This map was removed due to the presence of a heavy machine gun that overlooked the only entry route for the Counter-terrorists to retrieve the hostages. The turret was usable, heavily fortified from the nearly impenetrable concrete walls, and at least two terrorists spawn inside the makeshift bunker. Moreover, even if the CTs do somehow prevail and attempt to enter inside the compound, the terrorists could arrange an ambush to eliminate the counter-terrorists. Finally, if the hostages are being escorted to the hostage rescue zone, the terrorists can utilize sniper weapons and pin down the CTs. In conclusion, the terrorists had the overall advantage over the counter-terrorists.


The map was created by Stefan "Quip" Quathamer and had a short lifespan as it was only included in BETA 3.


  • There is a room in the security checkpoint with three operating cameras. Like most other maps with usable cameras, cs_hideout was cut.
  • The main door that contains the entrance to the storage warehouse must be opened simultaneously with two switches from the outside.
  • There are 3 hostages located inside the facility but they can never be rescued in 1.6 as the only pathways are ladders, as hostages cannot climb any ladders unless playing in Condition Zero and Beta. Therefore, the only way for CTs to win is to kill all Terrorists.
  • Prior to Condition Zero, this map featured both scientists and the G-man as hostages.
  • An updated version of the map was provided by the original author for the Counter-Strike Classical Map-Pack.
  • Like Jeepathon2k, it is possible to escort the hostages through the water and they will lack a swimming animation.
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