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The Hive is a Valve-made skin that has been painted using a hexagon patterned hydrographic. It appears on the P250. The FAMAS | Hexane, AWP | Electric Hive, and the CZ75-Auto | Hexane also count as part of the Hive family with the same pattern style and description.



Collection Icon Collection Weapon Skin Quality Flavor Text Drops
The Arms Deal Two Collection icon Arms Deal 2 P250 Hive Mil-Spec None
The Arms Deal 2 Collection icon Arms Deal 2 FAMAS Hexane Mil-Spec None
The eSports 2013 Winter Collection icon eSports 2013 Winter AWP Electric Hive Classified None
The eSports 2014 Summer Collection icon eSports 2014 Summer CZ75-Auto Hexane Mil-Spec None


  • The Hive cannot be obtained in a condition worse than Field-Tested.
  • The Hexane and the Electric Hive cannot be obtained in a Battle-Scarred condition.
  • The Electric Hive has a rare all-blue pattern or a rare all-orange pattern.