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Holiday are special events in the Counter-Strike series, coinciding with popular cultural holidays. During Holiday events, special cosmetic changes may occur for some objects in the game, and holiday-specific game changes may be introduced. These changes are usually reverted after the end of the holiday.

Counter-Strike: Source[]

During the "Valve Gift Grab 2011 – CS:S" event, an achievement was available for Counter-Strike: Source, where players needed to collect three gifts dropped by opponents.

After the June 15, 2017 update, the achievement name was changed from Valve's Gift Grab 2011 to Gift Grab, and can be obtainable in any winter event.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive[]


Starting with the March 17, 2016 update, chickens are given rabbit ears and are given a bunny hopping animation.

During the 2017 Easter, chickens are given rabbit ears and are given a bunny hopping (similar to previous event) but when chicken get scared and when they're scared, they now drop easter eggs (see gallery for all eggs models)

CSGO Birthday[]

Starting August 21, 2014, every Counter-Strike: Global Offensive birthday features chickens wearing birthday hats and exploding into confetti when killed.


The 2013 Halloween gave Chickens ghost costumes.

On October 22, 2014, all player models had Masks added to them. Ghosts appear on killcams, and killing a chicken makes it respawn as a zombie chicken appearing with green feathers, yellow eyes and a twisted feet. It digs itself out of the ground when spawning, crawls slowly with its wings leaning forth and explodes in a green cloud of feathers when killed again.

During Halloween 2016 Update, chickens were given a pumpkin mask.


During the Winter Offensive Update, chickens either had Santa Hats or Antlers attached to their head.

During the 2015 Winter Update chickens are given sweaters featuring winged cutters motives on the top (Counter-Terrorist emblem) and double crossed knives motives on the bottom (Terrorist emblem).

During the 2016 Winter Update, Chickens were yet again given a sweater, albeit with the color changed from red to green.

Console Commands[]

Server Variable
  • sv_holiday_mode
    • Default value is 0
    • Available values: 0 = OFF, 1 = Halloween, 2 = Winter
  • sv_party_mode