Iikka Keränen is a level designer and texture artist for Counter-Strike.


Iikka Keränen entered level designing through Doom. He would release several custom levels starting in 1996 and would eventually be voted the best level designer for Doom in 1998[1]. His first commercial level design project was Hacx in 1997, developed by Banjo Software.

In 1998 he moved to the United States to pursue a career in video games. Keränen was employed by ION Storm where he worked on Anachronox. Despite working professionally on video games, he was still active in the community and would release custom maps for both Doom and Quake.

Enter 2001, and he was employed by Valve Corporation[2]. This was also when he would start working on maps for Counter-Strike. He is still employed at Valve and has contributed to numerous games developed by them, including Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2 and Portal. He has also worked on Counter-Strike: Source, though the exact extent of his involvement is not known.

Iikka Keränen co-founded a game development company called Digital Eel in 2001 which is also in the video game business, though it mostly focuses on smaller titles.

List of maps

Official maps

Map name Game(s) Responsibilities Year
Airstrip Cs t Texture artist 2003
Canals Game icon 730 Level designer 2017
Piranesi Cs t Level designer 2002
Quarry[3] Cscz t (cut)[n 1] Texture artist 2004
Storm Cs t Texture artist 2001


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  1. Quarry was originally supposed to be an official map, but it was cut during development and later redesigned and released as a custom map in 2004.

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